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What is the best way to prepare for CISA?

The isaca cisa certification is the highest and most comprehensive assurance of competence that an Information Technology Auditor can possess today. It is precise because Information Technology is such a rapidly evolving field that an Auditor today needs to possess comprehensive assurances of state-of-the-art competencies in the various fields that are associated with and influenced by the march of Information Technology today.

Qualify with certification:

Not only must the competent and truly qualified auditor be knowledgeable about the various advances in Information Technology itself – and it is a continuously advancing field – but he must also comprehend the ethical and legal ramifications of those advances. For example, how a particular advance in technology affects ethical norms, or even how it is likely to affect ethical norms, and what laws passed to protect those norms will affect the industry in turn or are likely to do so in the future.

Why do you need it? 

All this means that Information Technology is like a constantly shifting sea-scape, where only the most strenuous and comprehensive standards will qualify a man or woman for the job of Information Technology Auditor. These standards are provided by the CISA certification examination, which tests prospective candidates – each of them already with qualifying work experience in the industry – on six detailed sectors of Information Technology and Auditing Skills.

Security process:

One of the sectors tested is Information Security Processes, which involves detailed procedures on the prior identification of evidence, its correct and accurate documentation, and it’s ultimate use. Also, a complete and comprehensive review of the software used by the company, as well as the integrity of these systems is necessary. Next comes an examination of data flows in the internal network and the security of the same – this requires special attention as it is a point of major weakness.

What makes it worthy? 

Information Security processes is just one of the areas comprehensively tested by the best cisa training. The examination requires some work experience in either auditing or in the Infotech industry to even allow qualification and is a strenuous test of six crucial aspects of Infotech auditing. The examination itself is over four hours long, and is extremely comprehensive, to say the least. Let us discuss one of the content areas tested by the examination in detail. Information security processes include the accurate and precise identification of crucial evidence, and subsequently, collecting, collating, and recording that evidence reliably enough that it can be used later without question. This is integral to the entire process – if one cannot be assured of the integrity of one’s data, one finds that the entire auditing process becomes flawed.


Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the businesses’ disaster management programs need to be examined for integrity and validity. What fail-safes are built into the system, and will they really work in the event of a genuine disaster? Then the physical data storage area needs to be examined for physical threats to the system – it is not sufficient to validate the software and internal systems of the business if the very physical integrity of the data storage medium is threatened. These are points that cannot be ignored by a competent auditor. Lastly, a sweep of the actual area in which business takes place may be conducted.