10 best schools for a Master’s in Finance globally in 2022: eligibility, admission and fee

Master’s in Finance is a highly focused and intensive program that helps you to kick-start your career in the finance sector. During the program, you will build and learn toolkits and skills to tackle and solve problems in the financial sector. If you are planning to pursue a Master’s in Finance you can target these […]


Kanat Sultanbekov: How Can You Create Better Design Workflows with Technology in Construction Projects?

If you can use it strategically, technologies for the construction industry help you in the collection of data to make informed choices as a construction manager. In this way, you can largely boost productivity, safety, and revenue; unfortunately, the construction sector is not deploying technology widely enough to make faster progress with project timelines.  Kanat […]


Best MBA programs in Europe 

European Universities are highly reputed and recognized around the globe. They are known for their up-to-date and flexible curriculum, multiethnic environment, affordable tuition fees, a plethora of courses, and world-class research opportunities. If you wish to pursue an MBA in Europe you can target these universities- 1. Copenhagen Business School-  Copenhagen Business School offers a […]