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Is chat enabled at all online bingo rooms?

If you’ve ever played a game of bingo online, you’ve probably come across something called the ‘live chat’. Perhaps you used it to communicate with the game host, or shared some banter in the chat with another player whilst enjoying a game of bingo! Regardless, chat is everywhere in online casinos like Mega Reel, and this certainly doesn’t exclude bingo. What exactly is it’s purpose though? Why is it used, and is it available in every online bingo room? Read on to find out!

What is online bingo chat?

Essentially, online bingo chat means that there is a ‘chatroom’ of some sort embedded within the bingo game. This feature is something that has arisen in the last 10 years or so, and has brought a lot of extra flavor to the world of online bingo! It combines the convenience and accessibility of online bingo with the social side that all love from land-based bingo halls – sounds pretty good to us! The live chat can serve for multiple purposes, including being used for:

–          General social interaction, banter and chat

–          Sending emojis and pictures to react to the game

–          Communication between the game host and the players

The main function of bingo chat is simply one of fun – it is a safe place for players to talk to each other, support each other, tease each other with friendly banter, and generally share some laughs over an already excellent game. Watch out though – sometimes you might get a message from the host providing an introduction to the game, explaining any additional rules, and perhaps even announcements of special offers – keep an eye out for that!

How common is online bingo chat?

If you’re playing at an online bingo room in 2021, we would be pretty surprised if you found one that does not have live chat. Whilst this technology was cutting edge and mind-boggling when it first began to appear, it’s become a pretty standard feature and a staple of the online bingo world. It’s worth noting however that whilst chat functionality may exist, the chat room may occasionally be disabled, but this usually will only happen when a bingo chat room hits technical difficulties. Generally speaking, it is in the best interests of both online bingo players and companies to ensure there is a smoothly running live chat. Reasons for this include:

–          Ensures that online bingo does not lose any social element found in traditional bingo

–          Encourages players to make friends and return to the same bingo rooms

–          Provides a simple way for the bingo host to communicate with the players

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Overall, live chat can be found in almost every online bingo room, but is it really enabled in every room? Probably not – there are always going to be online bingo rooms that are still catching up with the tech. However, it’d be pretty hard to find an example of this – they’re a lot of fun, and bring a lot of benefits for both the bingo player and the casino. It’s a win-win – see you in the chat!