Few Tips You Need to Keep in Mind Before Choosing University of Worcester

Few Tips You Need to Keep in Mind Before Choosing University of Worcester

University of Worcester

In college, there is a lot more independent study than you might be used to in school or college. Don’t worry, we’ll help you prepare. Here in this article you know all about few tips you need to keep in mind before choosing University of Worcester.

Preparation for the University of Worcester

What can you do now to prepare?

Nurture Your Passion – Enjoy watching TED talks and/or reading introductory material to stay connected to the subject you will be studying.

Reading Lists – If your course has a reading list, see if your local library has copies (or if you can read it online) and start learning about your topic.

Improve your study skills – you’ll find tips on independent learning, writing assignments, managing your workload and more on our Study Skills portal.

Try! – If you’re really into it, why not try academic writing? You can write a short essay using some sources you’ve consulted over the summer, and even try to make references. Our Library Services team offers extensive SEO information as well as an invaluable list of topic guides.

Prepare for UW Study

Am I ready for higher education?

Each university course has its own admission requirements and the University admissions staff will tell you if you meet these requirements. There are also questions you can ask yourself to help you assess whether now is the right time to start a college course. Thinking about these questions can help you make good choices.

Choose The Right Course

Take the time to explore a variety of courses. Look at the module lists (as they give you a good idea of ​​what it is like to study the course), entry requirements and assessment methods. It is also worth considering the “related” courses that are suggested; you might discover something you hadn’t considered before. If you’re not sure which course might be right for you, visit our Inspire Me section – it helps match your talents and interests with the wide range of courses available at Worcester.

Knowledge Of the Subject

The level of basic knowledge you need will vary from course to course. In some disciplines (often in science, for example), a good level of prior knowledge is essential. In others, the focus is more on your commitment to the course and your general study skills. It is always worth contacting the admissions team of a course you are interested in to find out their requirements.

Take Part in An Open Day

It’s also a good idea to attend an open house so you can see the campus for yourself, ask questions about the course, and meet other potential students.

If you have any questions, you can contact us study in UK. Also, look out University of Worcester for abroad study.


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