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Are live slots better for my bankroll?

In the digital landscape of today, there is an insane number of different formats that you can play slots. From land-based slots to online Slingo, the variety that we have seems to get bigger as each year goes by. One of our personal favorites is live slots on mobile, they’re a ton of fun. However, are live slots better for your bankroll, or are they basically the same game? It’s a great question, let’s take a look!

What exactly are live slots?

In case you’re not aware, live slots are slot machine games that you can play online through your phone or computer, but instead of just playing a digital game like normal, you’ll be playing through a real dealer in a real casino. They’ll interact with you through webcam and take requests from you such as increasing or decreasing your wager, how many spins you will take, and choosing a different game. It’s a unique setup, but what is it about live slots that people love so much? Well, there are a manner of reasons:

–        Playing with a live dealer gives a more authentic slot experience

–        Live dealers are there to entertain, providing awesome social accompaniment

–        Regular online slots can often feel faceless and surreal – playing the real deal through a live dealer changes this completely.

As you can see, there are all manner of reasons people prefer live slots, but are they any better for your bankroll? Let’s get down to answering that.

So, are they?

Despite the many social benefits of playing live slots, playing them is exactly the same as playing the game online – the mechanics and the odds are identical. This means that you are no more likely to hit a jackpot whilst playing live slots than you would be if you were playing a regular slot online or even at the real casino yourself. However, there are still a few bankroll benefits that you can reap from playing online live slots:

–        The live dealer will be open to answering any questions about odds and volatility

–        The live dealer may give you advise on choosing a game with a higher RTP

–        You can tell the live dealer your bankroll budget and maximum bets, helping you to stay on track

So, whilst there are no particular benefits to playing live slots in terms of odds of RTP, you will have a live dealer there to answer any questions and take requests. It can make all the difference if you are unsure about how to manage your bankroll!


Overall, live slots are no better for your bankroll in terms of the gaming mechanisms themselves, but you may find it useful to have a live dealer there. They can keep an eye on your bets, identify if you are getting close to hitting your budget, and even provide recommendations of slots that may provide better RTPs. Regardless of the bankroll, live slots are a ton of fun, so if you haven’t given them a try yet you should really change that!