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Yale School of Management Master’s of DataScience and Technology Program

Review 2022

Yale School of Management offers a Master’s in Data Analytics and Technology. The program is an amalgamation of Data Science, Machine Learning, and Network Science. Students learn how to optimize the decision-making process by using technology.

The curriculum of the Program
During the program, students will encounter Data Analytics in every aspect of the curriculum. The curriculum of the program is rigorous and it integrates methods, performance parameters, teams, and organizations to collectively find an impactful solution.
The curriculum of the program is composed of core courses and electives. The core courses offered by the program are Probability Modeling and Statistics, Modeling Managerial Decisions, Global Virtual Teams, Innovator, and Operations Engine. If you are looking for MBA in USA then this could be one of the option.

The electives offered by the program are Energy Systems Analysis, Policy Modeling, Start-up Founder Practicum, Advanced Management of Software Development, Data Analysis and Causal Interface, Big Data and Customer Analysis, and Social and Media Analytics.
The curriculum also contains recommended electives such as Management of Software Development, Advance Management of Software Development, Big Data and Customer Analytics, Digital Strategy, Product Management, and Competitive Strategy.

Technology Club
Technology Club prepares students for upcoming professional roles. The club aims to make technology more sustainable, equitable, and human-oriented. The club hosts various activities such as-
Weekly Sessions
During the weekly sessions, students participate in discussions on various topics such as an overview of the subjects and real interview questions. The guides help them to leverage their communication and speaking skills.
Case Teams
Students take up challenging projects during the program to hone their skills and increase the band of their knowledge. They also learn teamwork, team management, and team efficiency management.
Second Year Mentors
Every team is assigned an experienced mentor during their second-year project. The mentor reviews the curriculum of the topic, the framework in which they will research, and skills.
Mock Interviews
The technology club also organizes mock interviews to boost the confidence of the students and to make them aware of their shortcomings.
The technology club has various clubs like the Marketing club, Design and Innovation Club, Start-up and Entrepreneurship Club, Finance Club, and Data Analytics Club.
The Club has 209 members and has organized 255 events to date. The leading recruiters are Google, Amazon, Spotify, Dell, Meta, Cisco, Microsoft, HP, Samsung, Apple, Adobe, and Snapchat.
Faculty Research
⦁ Professor Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham- uses Machine Learning to study the effects of dynamic credit models on the mortgage markets.
⦁ Professor Balazs Kovacs- uses both Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to evaluate and study the effect of category-spanning and atypicality.
⦁ Professor Vineet Kumar- utilizes Machine Learning to study economics and social value drivers through unstructured Data.
⦁ Professor Song Ma- uses Machine Learning to study the link between human interactions and the economic decision-making process. He also studies the time chronology of scientific discoveries and technological innovations by using a large set of textual information.
⦁ Professor K.Sudhir- uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to use texts and images to study customer sentiment and emotion-based persuasion. He also uses online text reviews and images to study customer sentiment and satisfaction.

The Master in Data Analytics and Technology offered by Yale School of Management is a rigorous and intensive program. During this program students extensively participate in research and real-time projects to increase their knowledge base and skill expertise.