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Want To Purchase Instagram Followers-Keep These Risks In Mind

Meta description: purchasing followers seems like an easy way of getting a lot of followers on instagram, but it comes with certain negative aspects. Let’s have a look at them. 

Want To Purchase Instagram Followers-Keep These Risks In Mind

If you believe that the content you post on Instagram is great, imagine how great it would be if thousands and hundreds of people find your content amazing. Growing followers naturally is so tiring, and it can be discouraging too if you are putting in a lot of effort and hard work into your content, but no one seems to follow you. 

Suppose you’re striving to become an influencer or a celebrity on Instagram, then the idea of purchasing followers or like must have crossed your head. But these shortcuts only look tempting, but they come with certain red flags, which you need to ensure before purchasing likes or followers. Here are some negative points that you must look out for before you are buying Instagram likes and followers. 

Fake followers 

Purchasing followers for Instagram is much tougher now than earlier because Instagram’s team finds out the profiles that violate its terms of service. Earlier, the whole process was very easy to figure out, but now it’s a puzzle. These days you can find someone who can hook you up with a vendor who sells you real followers and delivers them on time and a person with whom you can trust your card’s information. If your delivery is done immediately after placing your order, then those are not the real followers. The real ones will take a little time and come gradually so that Instagram won’t get suspicious. 

The worst thing about fake followers is that they do not provide any engagement, which makes Instagram a little suspicious, because let’s be real, 10,000 followers and no comments? That would make anyone suspicious. But if you purchase real followers, there would be real engagement. But that’s not guaranteed by most of the sites.   

Instagram bots 

Instagram bots are the most common thing you can find on Instagram. You might have seen them casually while scrolling. There are a lot of companies that sell bots to sell them instead of followers. Many times these bots recognize and steal somebody’s identity by using stolen names and pictures. 

Based on the service, such bots might seem natural and are so efficient that they might even share and like your posts. They are programmed that way. But those are not real people; they will not have the required follower ratio, resulting in a tiny bit of engagement. 

With no real followers and engagement, your posts are hidden from everyone except for your fake audience. In addition to that, they won’t even talk about your account in real life with their friends and fellow bots because they are not even there. 

Inactive accounts 

Every fake follower is not always a bot. Many companies are selling real but inactive accounts that are supposedly made only to get a follow back or just for this service. In the early stages, they show a little bit of engagement, but they become inactive and show no signs of attention with time. And why wouldn’t it? It was made only for this reason. The actual user doesn’t have a reason to look at your account, go through the feed, or even share somebody’s posts. Their motive is being fulfilled. 

These inactive followers are literally of no use because they only interact with you in the beginning.

Should you purchase Instagram followers? 

It is not a correct idea to purchase Instagram followers because most vendors sell fake followers, bots, or inactive followers (which is not worth the price you will be paying for it) and would not provide any engagement. No engagement means not getting featured on the explore feed, which will make it tough for you to survive on Instagram as a celebrity. Here are a few consequences of purchasing followers for Instagram. 

Engagement is short-lived 

Such followers will not be as valuable as the real followers, period. Sure, the followers you purchase will give you views, likes, and comments in the beginning, but not for a long time. The kind of engagement they give you is very short-lived. 

And 10,000 followers will be useless if they do not engage with you. Engagement is the primary key for getting a place in the explore feed. With no comment or likes, your post will not appear on the audience’s explore feed. 

Your credibility could be in danger. 

Possessing many followers would manipulate the users to follow you naturally, but it’s not guaranteed. 

Keep the risks in mind: such followers would never like or comment on your posts. And if you have a lot of bots or fake followers, it might sabotage your credibility with the remaining real followers. 

It might be pretty evident if you have 10,000 followers but only 100 likes, views, and comments on your page; people are very clever in this sense. 

Let’s put you in the shoes of your followers. Would you ever follow someone who has a ton of fake followers? Ethically, you won’t because it gives out a false image of your profile.

Instagram might purge you for violating its terms of service. 

Instagram has recently updated its terms of identity, including getting rid of the accounts that violate it. It also includes getting rid of the comments and likes from the third-party applications which provide such services. By purchasing followers, you will be violating its guidelines. If they find out about it, they will either deactivate your account or shadowban you (showing your content only to your followers and not giving you space on the explore feed). 

Instagram wants you to maintain genuine engagements on its application and site. Purchased or fake accounts would lead to some consequences. 

It can be a danger to your performance stats. 

It is not possible to weigh how much your followers are connecting with your brand if the percentage of your performance is not real. If you do not know about your performance, how will you know what’s lacking or what’s good? Because converting your followers into your customers is the goal. 

So, if you purchase followers that are mostly dead or do not even exist, how will it help you grow? You are lighting your money on fire if you buy instagram views and followers because Instagram is all about engagement, not followers. 

Instead of putting your money and time into purchasing followers, spend time building relationships with your followers because the real followers will stick with you till the end. 


Instagram is considered to be the most easily growing platform in the world. It’s not that hard to get engagement on Instagram, sure there is a lot of competition, but everything is possible if you give your time and attention to it.