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Online courses at Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass teach doctors and nurses better ways to prevent post-operative complications

Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass has revolutionised online education by launching more than twenty online cosmetic training courses. These courses will cover everything from basic cosmetic anatomy and treatments to advanced techniques that are difficult to learn within just 42 days. These courses will be beneficial for upcoming cosmetic doctors who are still medical students, and also for already established practising cosmetic doctors and nurses. 

These online courses are designed by Dr Vi, who is renowned and is also one of the best cosmetic doctors in Australia. Dr Vi has been practising for over 10 years, and today he is often sought after by cosmetic brands for his experience and expertise. The students are also finding the duration and timing of the classes very flexible as well. All the courses are designed with a curriculum that will be completed in only 42 days. Dr Vi has overseen the curriculum and planned the courses to boost the cosmetic careers of medical students as well as practising doctors and nurses. 

Besides the treatment procedures, Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass courses will also be focusing on cultivating good doctor-patient relationships. Dr Vi believes that a very essential part of cosmetic medicine is the trust between doctor and patient. A doctor may know excellent treatment techniques, but without the patient’s trust, they will not be able to have a successful cosmetic career. Therefore, understanding the patient’s needs and providing good pre-op and post-op care is the key to success. This part of the curriculum is attracting more students and making these courses so popular. 

According to reviews from students, Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass courses put special emphasis on teaching the student to cultivate a good and comfortable doctor-patient relationship. The relationship between a cosmetic doctor and the patient should be comfortable and full of trust above all. Dr Vi has helped the students with this so that they can provide the best pre-op and post-op care. 

To give proper pre-op and post-care care to the patient, the third week of training at Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass teaches how to understand the patient’s case history for the treatment. Depending on the case study of the patient each treatment will have specifications for each individual. This will help the doctor prepare the patient for the upcoming treatment and choose the right treatment plan.

Without understanding the patient’s whole medical history it is not possible to prepare the right treatment plan. The fourth week will be dedicated to this. The students will learn what they have to keep in mind while preparing the treatment plan along with the right post-treatment dos and don’ts.

After this, the fifth week of the training session will be dedicated to the post-treatment situation. Cosmetic students will learn to treat the side effects and complications of the treatment with skills and confidence to get the best outcome from the treatment.
Students who have completed or are currently in the process of completing any of the online courses of Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass from their homes have also found these parts of the courses very helpful. Visit https://academy.skinclub.com.au/ for more information, and sign up today!