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Michael Lewis –The Director of Technology At Cox Communication Holds An Interview With Innov8tiv Magazine

Michael went to Campbell High School (1991 – 1994), joined Kennesaw State University (1994 – 2000 BS, Computer Science). Recently utilized by Kennesaw State University, Hewlett-Packard, Bellsouth (presently AT&T) and right now works for Cox Communications Company, coming up next is a select meeting by Innov8tiv Magazine with the man himself:

Educate us concerning yourself:

I go by Michael Lewis and I’ve been working at Cox Communication for quite a long time. I began as a Linux Systems Administrator and presently I am the Director of Access Provisioning administrations for link modems and CPEs.

Educate us concerning a task or achievement that you view as the main in your vocation:

I fabricated my first “bundled” application (written in Perl and MySQL) when I was an understudy/representative in school. This device streamlined an issue we were having with grounds printing via computerizing new printer introduces and substitutions. This saved a lot of time and diminished my responsibility.

Who is your good example, and why?

My good example as of now in my profession is an Executive at Cox Communications who I had the joy of coaching with in late 2013. He gave me significant profession counsel, however more critically he shared individual encounters that can decidedly influence life choices.

What’s your superpower, or what’s your soul creature

A Bear, fighting skill – strength and speed – alongside powers of vital reasoning.

What was the most troublesome period in your Career life, and how could you manage it?

The most troublesome period in my vocation was working at an Internet Security Company where I was out of position. Explicitly I was expected to take cutting edge heightening calls while being liable for dealing with a ticket line. I felt that I had relapsed in my vocation.

What is your profession counsel to undergrads entering the Technology Industry?

I would suggest the accompanying guidance for understudies entering the workforce all day:

Temporary positions and Co-Ops are the most ideal way to acquire insight in the space of Technology. I have had assistants that have made huge commitment and they are in many cases exceptionally sought after when they are prepared for everyday work.

Search for amazing chances to work in the school as an aide or lab overseer.

Keep in contact with schoolmates through proficient organisations like LinkedIn and graduated class affiliations.

I have advanced all through my vocation that it is more normal who you know than what you know. This might appear to be deterring on occasion, however I can see you as a recruiting supervisor that individuals who are prescribed by and large move to the front of the resume heap

Make a move to guide with experts in Technology. One spot to begin may be studentmentor.org. I would energetically prescribe going to meetings and Tech-shows to acquaint yourself with   viewpoint businesses.

Focus on your resume to your preferred particular. 

I can’t let you know the number of resumes I have seen where 60% or a greater amount of the resume referred to abilities and experience that were irrelevant to the gig. In the event that you have very little involvement with the specific region, then make certain to go into more profundity about pertinent classes and workgroups that you have worked with in the subject.