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How Text to speech can enhance your Business

Indian Text to speech

In this post, you will be focusing on the numerous benefits and features of using Text to Speech (TTS) on your business and other associations that serve a large online audience. Text to speech is the best technology that permits users to consume web content differently. It makes the content audible, allowing it to be accessed by a larger number of users online. Businesses that use TTS technology gain the following advantages and features.

Set reminders/ alerts:

Despite developments in phone technology, many organizations have failed to modernize their systems to deal with more complex situations or resolve long-standing challenges with mass communication via the phone line. Consumers hang up, thinking the message is from a telemarketer or other unwanted caller. When messages are frequently cut short, responses are not properly recorded, or customers hang up thinking the message is from a telemarketer or other unwanted caller. Text to speech India, on the other hand, allows you to modify the pronunciation, volume, text emphasis, and speech tempo depending on the situation.

Voice quality:

One of the numerous meaningful things you can do as a manager maintains a high degree of voice quality in your contact centre. It is best to listen in on calls and look over call transcripts to ensure that you provide the greatest customer service possible. It is critical to have a good voice quality monitoring and management system in place for your call centre. You will need a system that responds to customer feedback and complaints promptly and effectively. This is where you integrate the excellent Indian Text to speech that can help your business by allowing you to alter your pronunciation, volume, text emphasis, and speech rate depending on the situation.

Increase IVR option:

Without speaking to an agent, incoming callers can obtain information via a voice response system with pre-recorded commands. They can use menu options to route their call to certain departments using touch-tone keypad selection or speech recognition. When you connect this to your business, it will automatically add recorded voice to your existing IVR script, giving your callers a range of options to choose from.

Offer human-like voice:

In today’s technology, conversational interfaces are getting increasingly prevalent. Users use speech to communicate with their devices, delegating tasks to them the same way they would to a human. Customers will have a near-human voice experience with an Indian accent if you use TTS to give your company a voice. Text to speech synthesis technology allows companies to increase automation and efficiency while cutting operating costs and improving customer service. You can provide a truly exceptional and delightful customer experience.


Voiceover is expensive when done the traditional way. It is inefficient to pay for a voiceover whenever you need to tweak a few words. Creating and updating the material that way is simply not cost-effective. Text-to-speech allows you to pay a variable price to convert your information to audio as needed, similar to how a podcast episode might be transcribed.

Control the voice:

This type of software functions in conjunction with the other apps. Accuracy improves when a user works with the software and the software learns. When you integrate Text to speech into your company, you will be able to manage the voice while listening to the ideal delivery of an Indian accented voice. Control on the voice software has limits. It is not necessarily compatible with all operating systems. Ambient noise, accents, and multiple speakers can all degrade outcomes. In addition, standard speech recognition software may be incompatible with other important services.

Campaign customization:

The ability to vary the pitch and tone of human voices is a game-changer for your business. You will want a text to speech converter to be as enjoyable as possible if you use it for hours on end. With a text to speech system in your business, you may personalize the speech and voice modulation based on the sort of product or service and the campaign’s nature.

Integrate Text to speech:

Finally, Text to speech solutions bring value to your business without putting your operations at risk. With clients from various industries, Knowlarity is the largest cloud communication provider in emerging markets. If you require Text to Speech solutions for your company, Knowlarity is the supreme option to pick for your business.