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Discovering The Utility of an Accessibility Overlay

Accessibility overlays serve a purpose, and this is why they are popular today. The laws of the land mandate that accessibility, both digital and physical, is a legal civil right for everyone. In the USA, there are multiple websites; however, not all of them are accessible to people with physical disabilities. This also pertains to government and private companies along with their websites. However, a mere percentage of websites are accessible to people with these physical disabilities, and this is why overlays are the need of the hour as they ensure site issues and content adjustments are made at an affordable cost and shorter time.

Understanding what an accessibility overlay is?

Now, the question that comes into mind is what is an accessibility overlay, and how does it work to enhance your website? In simple terms, accessibility overlays refer to technologies that target to boost the accessibility of a business or personal website. They generally apply third-party source codes, mainly JavaScript, to bring in improvements to the front and back-end codes of the site.

Overlays are applications that are automated by nature, and they rest between digital content and assistive technologies. However, they are not a website but more of a toolset present inside your site for customizing its interface.

No change in the source code

This innovative technology helps to make your site more accessible without making any changes in the source code. It detects accessibility issues and changes the code of the web page, not the underlying source codes of your site. It uses a snippet of JavaScript to do so.

These technologies generally come in the form of a toolbar, widget, app, or plugin. They have panels with multiple settings for customization. Some of them increase the font size of the text as well. Users generally need to activate this overlay to enjoy its features and adjust the appearance of the page.

Benefits of using accessibility overlays

The following are the key benefits of using accessibility overlays-

  1. Use fewer resources for getting instant web accessibility.
  2. Get business benefits faster.
  3. Streamline the work of the developers better.

How can you choose accessibility overlays for your business?

All accessibility overlays are not the same, and they differ in their effectiveness and expanse. When you choose an accessibility overlay for your business, these are two major factors you must consider. They can make a huge impact on the quality of the experience and compliance of your site. Research and awareness help you select the right solution for your business needs.

The goal for your business should be to accommodate all types of physical disabilities. You should use comprehensive solutions with potent capabilities like artificial intelligence. AI-empowered overlays understand the context of the website and its architectures to consistently incorporate correct accessibility guidelines.

AI-empowered accessibility overlays work much better than generic plugins as the latter have limited features for making site adjustments. They fail to address gaps as effectively as their AI-driven counterparts to give you better-customized solutions for your business.