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Can you do PgMP along with CSM certification


Every organisation has a project management professional who has a certification or expertise in usage of a project management methodology.

What is the PgMP Certification? 

As the primary goal of organisations is to enhance the profitability, a single project at one time might not get the organisation towards their respective for. This is the reason why organisations are working on several projects at the same time rather than working on a single project. This is a point where program management comes into existence. Program management is managing different projects at the same time. It is essential for an organisation. Most of the project that an organisation is working on at one point of time is kind of related to each other. One very major part of program management is acquisition managed where the entire process with the help of contractors.

Professional who is working as a program manager for organisations might have a variety of certifications to choose from. But one of the most beneficial and practical certification the field of program management which provide a great escalation to the Professional career is the PgMP certification. The PgMP certification is provided to professionals who have a piece of great knowledge about program management from the project management institute itself. This certification has global recognition and professional with a certification has the ability to work for any Organisation all over the world. This certificate actually makes the position of the professional respectable in the organisation. This certification actually provides the certificate holder with the knowledge and skills to manage high-performance programs which would contribute a lot towards the organisation as a whole. A program manager is actually the most respected managers in the organisation as their work and knowledge are extremely high in comparison to other managers. But to get the certification of a professional should have at least four years of working experience as a program manager. There are several additional requirements to the certification as well as audit and a lot more. 

What is CSM?

Among all the project management methodologies that came into the existence of the most beneficial project management methodology was agile project management methodologies. Agile project management methodology official that it had the potential to completely eradicate the conventional waterfall method with modern methods. From agile slowly scrum came into existence. Scrum is a project management methodology which mostly functions on several factors which everyone has to perform and follow while working in the company. The most beneficial certification in the field of scrum management is a certified scrum master certification. It is considered to be one of the most beneficial certifications to both the professional and the organisation in the field of scrum Management. Scrum master uses come methodologies to execute a project where the biggest priority has always been communication in the organisation. The proper communication in the organic provided my scrum methodology is executed with continuous meetings where there are multiple discussions about the stages, progress and complications in the Project. A professional with the CSM certification has the ability to escalate his career to a great extent. Experiences great benefits such as great knowledge about scrum methodology, much higher salary, global recognization and a boost to the career of the professional by Sprintzeal.

But Can a professional has both the certification?

Every professional working in an organisation looks forever through which they can escalate their career. When someone upgrades their career, it is extremely beneficial for them as they are more likely to receive the higher salary along with a good recognition. one of the most beneficial ways is by having more than one specialisation. Many professional circulars for having more than one certification as it has the potential to escalate the Professional career. The PgMP and CSM certification material related to project management as well. So it professional certifications it is actually very desirable both by the organisation and the professional. Having a job will not be an issue for a professional with both the certifications as organisations before professional who could multitask. A professional with both the certification has the ability to execute scrum methodology is as well as manage program for the organisation. His knowledge and skills are desired by organisations as the professional has the ability to perform dual activities in the organisation. This actually fulfils the requirements of both the sidesorganisation and the professional. Organisation gets a professional who has the ability to multitask and perform the role of two managers. And the professional gets the benefit of having a much higher salary with both the certifications in hand. 

Boost in salary is extremely beneficial for the professional is it not only motivates him but also allows him to live a more desirable lifestyle

So, in conclusion, we can say that having both the certifications is not only possible but also highly recommended. Professional certifications with experience great benefits throughout his career.