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How to Throw a College Dorm Party

Throwing a College Dorm Party is not difficult, especially if you have plenty of ideas to get your guests involved. College dorm parties can be small or large, depending on the size of your party space and your guest list. It is also important to invite your resident advisor or neighbors so they don’t file noise complaints, but you don’t want them to feel excluded. If you can’t find a mailing address for your guests, you can send a text message. This is probably the easiest and quickest way to invite guests.

Disco lights are great for a 70s or 80s themed party

You can add these fun decorations to the room to create a disco-themed party. Disco lights can be attached to the ceiling or wall and work with sound-activated mode to sync the colors to the music. While some college seniors may be over the legal drinking age, dorms are often zero-tolerance drug-free zones. Disco lights are an excellent way to bring back the era of the 1970s.

For your disco-themed college party, you can download music from iTunes and make your own playlist. You can also buy CDs with disco songs or buy a playlist from a music store. Costumes are fun for both men and women. If you want to get creative, you can buy disco outfits for your guests. Explore your options before you purchase them. If you are a fan of the ’70s, consider purchasing costumes of your favorite ’70s stars.

Board games are fun for a 90s theme party

Theme your party around your favorite bands and movies from the 90s. One example is the Backstreet Boys, who were extremely popular during this era. Throw a themed party with the Backstreet Boys as the theme, and your guests will have a blast. Board games are the perfect addition to any 90s theme party. You can download the free trial of Canva pro and create your own invitations in just a few minutes.

The 90s were a great time for hip hop. Hip-hop was at its zenith and Michael Jackson and the Backstreet Boys were huge. The Spice Girls were another icon of the decade. And if your guests are older, you can get them into the spirit with a live performance by a popular 90s band. You can also purchase 90s-themed decorations to celebrate the era.

Alcohol is often served at a college dorm party

If you’re planning a college dorm party, you’ll want to make sure to stay within the law and serve only legal beverages. Most college dorms prohibit alcoholic beverages, but students often find ways to sneak alcohol into their dorms or talk the RA into letting them serve alcohol for one night. If you’re serving alcohol at a college dorm party, you should learn how to create a delicious non-alcoholic mocktail to keep everyone happy without causing trouble.

Before hosting an alcohol-related event, you should always get the proper approval from the Campus Life Office. If you are planning a party on campus, be sure to get the Dean of Students’ approval to hold it. In addition, you should consider getting on the good side of your campus’s RA by inviting people from the dorm or class. You also will have fewer problems if your friends are friends of the RA, and if you get on their good side, they’re unlikely to shut your party down. Be aware that a cool RA will likely ask you to keep the volume down during the event, so be aware of that if you want to make sure the event goes off without a hitch.

Make sure your roommates are okay with you having a party

Before throwing a party, make sure your roommates are on board. You can avoid resentment and confrontation if you set some ground rules for the party. These include keeping noise levels low, cleaning up after the party, and not engaging in illegal activities. It also helps if you sit down with your roommate to set a schedule and discuss living arrangements. Then you can start the party in a fun and respectful tone.

Before inviting your friends, make sure you discuss the schedules of your roommates. If you have a studious roommate, make sure that you ask permission to use their space before you invite them to a party. If your roommate is studying, do not invite them to a dance party. If they are staring at their phone or wearing headphones, chances are they’re not interested in talking to you. Even social people need a break from their surroundings sometimes.