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Where to Download Hostel Daze Season 1 Free?

download hostel daze season 1

Our first experience of freedom is usually in college. ‘Hostel Daze’ is an Indian comedy-drama series about self-reliance. In the story of hostel daze season, 1 is some engineering freshmen. Adarsh Gourav, Nikhil Vijay, and Ahsaas Channa feature in the lovely show.


hostel daze season 1 release date: 13 December 2019

Chirag Bansal and Rupesh “Jaat” Bhati are engineers in ‘Hostel Daze.’ Ankit Pandey arrives. Rooms are noticed instead of Chirag’s. And the warden.

Sadly, one of them must share a room with Jhantoo. Ankit embraces Jhantoo’s shortcomings and lives with him. A reggae-free group thanks to Jhantoo! Jhantoo’s kindness is returned by living with him.

Ankit tries to blend in with the crowd. But none of them fit Chirag and Ankit. Chirag’s talks are videotaped. Unknown pornographer Ankit gains popularity.

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Ankit’s chemistry crush Akanksha needs aid. So Ankit dates Akanksha. Soon after, he messages Akanksha. Then they leave. Ankit is texted as Jhantoo. Ankit becomes the college’s joke. Akanksha calls Ankit in pain.

Ankit hides his real birthdate to avoid the nasty birthday party in the hostel. Ankit seeks solace in a book. Nabomita is there. Nabomita even takes Ankit to a fantastic birthday party.

He is poor for not purchasing his buddies a birthday gift. They stun Ankit. The group bursts when they learn Ankit’s birthday is with Nabhomita and Lolly. Apologises and admits What Ankit mentioned about Nabomita’s friends surprises him.

The semester exam is late in the finale. He helps Ankit and Jhantoo. He has to see his sick legal guardian. Ankit and Jhantoo cram the syllabus. Finally, the duo wins

Can I get a free copy of Hostel Daze Episode 1?

Amazon Prime has the movie Hostel Daze. Log in to your Amazon Prime account and begin watching the series in its entirety. If you don’t have an Amazon Prime account, you can still watch a wide variety of movies and television episodes. One can download hostel daze season 1 free illegally, but it will cost you more in the long run than the membership fee.