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An Encyclopedic Handbook To The Duttons Across Yellowstone, 1883, and 1923 (Dottons Family Tree Breakdown Included)

An Encyclopedic handbook To Duttons Family Tree 1883 to

Introduction to the Duttons Family Tree-Overview of the Yellowstone Series

The Duttons are a family of ranchers in Montana. They own and operate the largest cattle ranch in the United States, spanning over one million acres. The Duttons are a wealthy and powerful family, but they are also a close-knit group that supports each other through thick and thin.

The Yellowstone series follows the lives of the Duttons family tree as they navigate the challenges of running their ranch and dealing with threats from both within and outside their operation. The series is set against the backdrop of Yellowstone National Park, one of the most beautiful and treacherous places on Earth. 

The Duttons family tree is a complex and fascinating family, and this guide will provide you with an overview of who they are and how they fit into the Yellowstone series.

The Duttons Family Tree in 1883, Duttons of Yellowstone

The Duttons family tree in 1883 was a fascinating mix of old and new. The family had been in Yellowstone for only a few generations, but they were already a well-known and respected family. The patriarch of the family was George Dutton, who had emigrated from England in the early 1800s. George’s grandson, John Dutton, was the current head of the family in 1883. John’s son, Jamie Dutton, was also a part of the family, although he was not yet married. The rest of the family consisted of John’s daughters, Claire and Beth, and his niece, Jenny.

John Dutton and Evelyn Dutton (Yellowstone)

John Dutton and Evelyn Dutton are the patriarch and matriarchs of the Yellowstone Dutton family. They have been married for over 30 years and have four children together.

Their oldest son, Jamie, is a lawyer who works for his father at the Yellowstone Ranch. He is married to Beth Dutton and they have two sons together, Tate and Elden.

Their second child, Kayce, is a former Marine who now works as a cowboy on the Yellowstone Ranch. He is married to Monica Long and they have one son together, Courier.

Their third child, Lee, is a doctor who works in the town of Billings. She is married to Ryan Bingham and they have one daughter together, Hope.

Lastly, their youngest child, Garrett, is a graduate student studying environmental law. He is not currently married but was previously in a relationship with Beth’s sister, Ripley.

Beth Dutton and Jamie Dutton (Yellowstone)

The first two siblings on our list are the eldest daughter Beth and her younger brother Jamie. Both were born and raised on the Yellowstone ranch, and have always been a big part of the family business. Beth is the more level-headed and responsible of the two, while Jamie is more impulsive and hot-headed.

Beth has always been the one to take charge when it comes to running the ranch. She’s the one who keeps things organized and makes sure that everything runs smoothly. Jamie often gets himself into trouble, but Beth is always there to bail him out.

Even though they butt heads from time to time, Beth and Jamie have a strong bond. They’re always there for each other when it counts.

Kayce Dutton and Monica Long Dutton (Yellowstone)

Kayce Dutton and Monica Long Dutton are the parents of three children: Tate, Rainwater, and Amber. They met during their time at the University of Montana, where they were both student-athletes.

They have been married for over 20 years and have lived in Yellowstone National Park for most of that time. Kayce is a fifth-generation rancher and now runs the family ranch, while Monica is a teacher.

Their oldest son, Tate, is a Marine who served in Afghanistan. He is now back home and working on the ranch with his father. Their daughter Rainwater is a college student. And their youngest child, Amber, is still in high school.

Lee and Delaney Dutton (Yellowstone)

In Yellowstone, the Duttons are led by patriarch John Dutton, who owns the largest ranch in the United States. The Dutton family ranch is under constant attack by those who want to take it from them. The Duttons must fight to protect their land from developers, environmentalists, and Native Americans.

The Duttons are a family of strong-willed individuals who are always fighting for what they believe in. They are loyal to each other and will do anything to protect their own.

Thomas Rainwater (Yellowstone)

Thomas Rainwater (Yellowstone) is one of the Dutton children. He is the middle child, and like his siblings, he was born into wealth and privilege. Thomas is a good-looking young man who knows how to charm people. He is also ambitious and wants to make a name for himself.

Thomas was very close to his father, John Dutton. John taught Thomas how to be a good businessman and how to run the Yellowstone Ranch. When John died, Thomas took over as the head of the ranch. He has proved to be a good leader, but he has made some enemies along the way.

One of those enemies is Jamie Dutton, Thomas’s older brother. Jamie is a lawyer who doesn’t approve of Thomas’s business methods. The two brothers butt heads on a regular basis, but they still love each other.

Thomas is also involved in a complicated relationship with Beth Dutton, his father’s former mistress. Beth is now married to another man, but she still has feelings for Thomas. The two of them share a passionate kiss in the season 3 finale, indicating that their relationship is far from over.

The Duttons Family Tree in 1923

The Duttons family tree in 1923 was a large and sprawling one, with many branches and leaves. The main trunk of the tree was the Duttons family tree, which had its roots in England. The branch that led to the American branch of the Dottons family tree was the one that went to Virginia. From there, the tree branches out into different parts of the United States. One branch goes to Montana, where the Duttons family free have a large ranch.

Another branch goes to Wyoming, where they own a small town called Jackson Hole. And finally, there is a branch that goes to Idaho, where they have a cabin in the woods. Each of these branches has its own sub-branches, and each sub-branch has its own leaves of the Dottons Family Tree. For example, in Montana, there is a branch of the Duttons family tree that leads to John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner). John has three children: Kayce (played by Luke Grimes), Jamie (played by Wes Bentley), and Beth (played by Kelly Reilly).

Kayce also has a son, Tate (played by Brecken Merrill), who is John’s grandson. In Wyoming, there is a branch of the Duttons family tree that leads to Rip Wheeler (played by Cole Hauser). Rip has a son named Conner (played by Brenan Thomas), who is John’s nephew. And finally, in Idaho, there is a branch of the Dutton family tree that leads to Jimmy Hurd

Robert and Mary Elizabeth (Beth)

An Encyclopedic handbook To Duttons Family Tree 1883 to

Robert and Mary Elizabeth “Beth” Dutton are the parents of John Dutton, the patriarch of the Dutton family. They were both born and raised in Montana. Beth was a teacher before she married Robert, and she later became a stay-at-home mom. The couple had six children together: John, Jamie, Bethany, Ripley, Kayce, and Tate.

Beth was a supportive wife and mother who always put her family first. She was fiercely protective of her children and would do anything for them. She was a kind and caring woman who was always there for her family, no matter what.

Robert was a tough man who built his ranch from the ground up. He was a hard worker who didn’t take anything from anyone. He was a loving husband and father, but he could be strict with his children at times.

Both Robert and Beth were strong-willed people who instilled those values in their children. They were loving parents who did everything they could to provide for their family.

John and Evelyn’s Grandchildren

John and Evelyn’s grandchildren are Yellowstone superintendents, scientists, law enforcement officers, and more. Get to know the Dutton family tree with this comprehensive guide.

The Duttons are one of the most powerful families in Yellowstone National Park. They own the largest ranch in the park and have been involved in its management for generations. The family is also deeply involved in the park’s politics and has a long history of conflict with the U.S. government.

John Dutton, the patriarch of the family, has six children: Lee, Jamie, Beth, Kayce, Rip, and Conner. Here’s a breakdown of John and Evelyn’s grandchildren:

Lee Dutton Jr.: Lee is John’s eldest son and heir to the Dutton Ranch. He is a Yellowstone superintendent and a former Marine. He is married to Missy Dunbar and they have two children: Ayana and Kato.

Jamie Dutton: Jamie is John’s adopted son and a lawyer. He represents the interests of the Dutton Ranch in court. He is married to his law partner Rachel Brooks and they have one child: Emma.

Beth Dutton: Beth is John’s only daughter. She is a ruthless businesswoman who runs her father’s company, Dutton Industries. She is married to Rip Wheeler, a Yellowstone ranger, and they have one child: Tate.

Tate, Luke, and Sarah

The Duttons are a family of ranchers in Montana. The patriarch is John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner. The family owns the largest ranch in the state, which borders Yellowstone National Park. The Duttons have been in Montana for six generations and their ranch is over one million acres.

John has three children: Jamie, Beth, and Kayce. Jamie is the oldest and works as a lawyer in town. He is married to his wife, Rip Wheeler, and they have two children together. Beth is the middle child and she runs the Yellowstone Ranch with her father. She is married to her husband, Ryan Bingham, and they have one child together. Kayce is the youngest child and he is a game warden for Yellowstone National Park. He is married to his wife, Monica Long, and they have one child together.

The Duttons also have several ranch hands who work for them. These include Jimmy Hurdstrom, Colby Brock, Luis Mendez, Tate Riley, Luke Jensen, Sarah Potts, and Ripley Hatch.

Malcolm Beck (1923)

Malcolm Beck was born in 1923 in Montana. He was the second child of Lewis and Mary Beck. His sister, Louise, was born two years earlier. The family moved to Wyoming when Malcolm was five years old, and he grew up on the family ranch outside of Jackson Hole.

Malcolm went to school in Jackson Hole and then attended college at the University of Wyoming in Laramie. He graduated with a degree in agriculture in 1945. After college, Malcolm returned to the family ranch and began working with his father.

In 1950, Malcolm married Margaret Dutton, and they had four children together: Bruce, Brian, Randall, and Deborah. The family ranched together until Lewis retired in 1966, at which point Malcolm took over the operation. He ran the ranch until his retirement in 1996. Malcolm passed away in 2014 at the age of 91.