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Character Profile – Nobita Shizuka

In this article, you will learn about the character profile of Nobita Shizuka, including his love of the violin, dislike of animals, and relationship with his classmate Hidetoshi Dekisugi. Read on to learn more about this popular Japanese mangaka. You will also learn about his friendship with fellow high school student Hidetoshi Dekisugi. Here is a short character profile of Nobita Shizuka, which you should find useful for a deeper understanding of him.

Nobisuke Shizuka’s personality

Nobisuke Shizuka has a distinct personality. He’s a laid-back salaryman, like his father. He has a lot of trouble quitting smoking, is self-conscious about failing his driving test, and is a borderline alcoholic. Like his father, Nobisuke has many traits in common with Nobita. For example, he’s a bit lazy, but also loves sports.

His relationship with his classmate Hidetoshi Dekisugi

In a school comedy, Nobita Shizuka’s relationship to Hidetoshi Dekisugi is based on Doraemon’s prediction that Shizuka would marry Nobita one day. Although Shizuka does not have a crush on Dekisugi, she secretly likes him. Shizuka also fancies handsome idols on television. Sekisui is a classmate of Nobita and he is jealous of him. However, he tries to prevent the two from pursuing each other.

His dislike of animals

Nobita Shizuka has a strange dislike for animals. He buys a gadget to make aggressive clones of himself. He asks questions about food and whether the real Shizuka likes him. She does, but the clone she creates is disgusting. Nobita destroys the clone and believes that the real Shizuka likes him.

His passion for the violin

Nobita Shizuka is a very talented pianist, but her love of the violin is more than enough to cause her to be rejected by her parents. Though she plays the violin horribly, her love for music and her love for sweet potatoes are her two great passions. To improve her violin playing skills, she takes piano lessons, which her parents strongly discourage. Though she plays the violin badly, she is much better at the piano than she is at the violin. Shizuka also loves animals, and she keeps two pets at home, a canary and a cat, which she chases around the city.

His appearance in Doraemon

The character of Nobita Shizuka appears in Doremon on several occasions. Although millions of people have been watching the Doraemon series for years, few know the real story behind Nobita. A recent viral video has shed some light on the life of Nobita. This story demonstrates the importance of nobility. While many people are interested in learning more about the characters in the series, not everyone is aware of Nobita’s story.