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Amber Heard Calls Johnny Depp Verdict ‘Inconsistent’ in Appeal Outline

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Amber Heard has submitted her appeal to the California Court of Appeals in order to try and get Johnny Depp’s domestic violence case in Los Angeles, which resulted in a conviction, overturned. The actress slammed the verdict as ‘inconsistent,’ but did not go into detail on how she believes the ruling was unfair.

Amber Heard Calls Johnny Depp’s Verdict ‘Inconsistent’ in Appeal Outline

Amber Heard has filed an appeal against her domestic violence conviction with the trial court, citing inconsistencies in the jury’s verdict.

The actress argues that juror misconduct – specifically, a note that was left on one of their ballots expressing support for Heard’s abuser, Johnny Depp – deprived her of a fair trial.

Heard was found guilty of battery after slapping her then-boyfriend Depp in December 2016. She faced up to six months in jail and a $2000 fine but was given a suspended sentence and 18-month probation instead.

Depp has since filed for divorce from Heard and she has been vocal about her belief that the verdict was unfair. In an outline of her appeal filed on Tuesday (February 5), Heard alleges that juror misconduct prevented her from receiving a fair trial:
“The cumulative effect of these errors deprived Ms. Heard of a fair trial…Juror misconduct (specifically, the note expressing support for Mr. Depp) created an unacceptable risk that the jury would not have rendered an accurate verdict.”
She also takes issue with the prosecutor’s comments during closing arguments: “This case is about domestic violence,” he said. “Amber Heard hit Johnny Depp because Johnny Depp hit Amber Heard.”
Heard argues that this statement created the false impression that she had initiated the physical altercation between herself and Depp.

Johnny vs Amber – The US Trial is lackluster look at the case

Johnny Depp’s trial in the US for allegedly assaulting Amber Heard was lackluster. The prosecution did not present any new evidence and the case relied heavily on hearsay and circumstantial evidence. The defense, on the other hand, presented a compelling story of how Johnny Depp was falsely accused.

The inconsistencies in the verdict were also highlighted during the appeal process. One jury found Johnny Depp guilty of misdemeanor domestic assault while another jury found him not guilty of that charge. This inconsistency highlights how flawed the US justice system can be when it comes to cases like this.

What happened in the trial?

Amber Heard called the verdict in her ex-husband Johnny Depp’s trial “inconsistent” during an appealing outline filed on Wednesday. The actress claims that a judge should not have allowed testimony from an expert witness. Witness said Heard was unable to consent to sex. She was intoxicated at the time of the alleged incident.

Heard has also asked the appeals court to reconsider its decision to deny her motion for a new trial. She argues that prosecutors did not present enough evidence to support their case. And that jurors were not properly instructed about the law regarding sexual assault.

In his ruling, Judge Miriam Aylward said that testimony from an expert witness about whether or not. Heard was able to consent due to her intoxication amounted to “adverse inference.” The judge added that such testimony would only have been allowed. If there had been other evidence in the case which pointed toward Heard’s guilt.

Heard’s team is also arguing that jury instructions were incorrect. They did not mention how intoxication could affect someone’s ability to consent.

Amber Heard’s Lawyers Open Door for New Trial Request

Amber Heard’s lawyers have opened the door for a new trial in her domestic violence case against Johnny Depp. According to a filing obtained by The Blast. The allegation is that the actor “did not act in a reasonable manner” during their altercation at his home on May 21st, 2016. Heard’s team is also requesting that prosecutors provide more evidence about what happened at that moment. It’s unclear if this new trial request has any chance of succeeding, but it’s an interesting development nonetheless.

Why is Johnny Depp still allowed to own his private island?

Johnny Depp has long been known for his eccentricities and often erratic behavior. These days, he is facing a string of allegations that could lead to serious criminal charges. One of the most high-profile incidents occurred in 2015 when reports surfaced that he had abused then-wife Amber Heard.

In response to these accusations, Depp filed for divorce in May 2016. The couple already had a child together at the time of the filing. In December 2017, Heard filed an appeal to the domestic violence restraining order that was issued against her ex-husband. Her appeal outlined inconsistencies in the court’s judgment, which she claims undermines their credibility as witnesses.

Depp’s attorneys have responded by saying that Heard has not complied with requests for additional evidence. And have accused her of “a calculated campaign to embarrass, harass and smear” their client. They also argue that since their divorce was finalized in February 2018, any alleged abuse would have ceased by then.

While it’s clear there are some serious allegations against Johnny Depp. His legal team is likely hoping that a recent court ruling will help them defend him from further scrutiny. On January 23rd, a Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge ruled in favor of Depp’s request to dismiss Amber Heard‘s restraining order against him. Based on the fact that they no longer lived together as of February 2018. This effectively ends any possibility of ongoing abuse allegations being used as evidence against him in future hearings or court decisions.”