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Trending Topics for Content Writing to Write Blog Content

Topics for Content Writing

Content writing is not an easy task. Content writers have to continuously come up with fresh topics for content writing to create unique and impressive content for their target audience. Writing about the same topic leads to monotony and boredom. You must continuously reinvent yourself and keep an eye out for new topics and hot perspectives. Even a seasoned content writing professional cannot avoid finding new ways of enhancing writing. You must have wondered about content writing subjects that appeal to your target readers, whether you are an expert or a new writer. Even if you are an experienced content writer, you will have days when you question the relevance of the themes you chose.

Choosing a topic is difficult, especially if you are looking for trending topics for content writing. It is natural to be perplexed and undecided about a topic and to be anxious about whether it will create the intended impact on your audience. In this article, expert researchers of a UK dissertation writing service will look at some trending topics for content writing. Hopefully, it will provide you with some ideas for things to focus on for optimal productivity and impact.

Blockchain Technology

You must be familiar with Bitcoin and the controversies that this virtual currency has generated. Bitcoin uses blockchain technology for virtual or digital currency and maintains a decentralised ledger. Cryptocurrency is among the trending topics for content writing since there are so many speculations about the technology. Central banks and the governments of many countries are against cryptocurrency and term it illegal.

You can write about numerous misconceptions, facts and fallacies about cryptocurrency as well as provide in-depth knowledge about it. You can inform people about how to invest in cryptocurrencies. You can also shed light on the latest news about cryptocurrencies to keep the investors updated. In addition, blockchain technology is not limited to cryptocurrencies only. Businesses are adopting this technology to enhance their operations and supply chain management. You can inform readers about the pros and cons of this technology, and hopefully, you will be able to create an impact with your content writing.

Countering Fake News

Countering fake news and misinformation is another trending topic for content writing. There is an increase of fake news and misinformation in the age of social media. Even when it comes to content marketing, there is so much misinformation. In such a scenario, you can be the source of truth for your readers. Expose the fake news and misinformation generated by companies about their products with proper fact-checking. It will allow you to gain positive publicity with your audience because you will make a valuable contribution to their lives.  

Social Media Marketing

Tips and tricks about social media marketing are one of the trending topics for content writing. The Covid-19 pandemic forced many traditional businesses to switch to digital marketing. More and more businesses are now realising the benefits of digital marketing to enhance their customer outreach and sales. Visit Digitalspotlight.com.au to know more about their digital marketing services.. You can guide the readers about the following things:

  • How to utilise social media for marketing?
  • How to increase brand awareness through social media marketing?
  • How to increase customer outreach through social media platforms?

Online Education

Writing about online education is among the trending topics for content writing. Like the business industry, the education sector was also hard struck by the Covid-19 pandemic. Schools, colleges and universities had to rethink about the conventional model of education, and they shifted to online education. You can inform the audience about the best platforms to get online education. You can also write on modern internet applications that can enhance knowledge transfer. In addition, there are many mid-career professionals and under-skilled workers who are looking to improve their skills. However, they cannot do so because of time constraints and financial limitations. You can guide them about those universities offering free online courses and certifications.  

Mental Health

The Covid-19 pandemic harmed people’s mental health. Anxiety and depression rose significantly during the pandemic, especially among adults. Mental health is a hot topic right now, and you do not have to be a therapist to write on that. You can create a trustworthy mental health content by using credible sources. If you conduct thorough research to write on mental health, your contribution to your readers will be highly valuable.

Write about Food

Food will always be among the trending topics for content writing. There are many food lovers out there who like to cook and eat. They are always looking for novel recipes that will enrich their taste buds. Food writing can be about the following things:

  • Recipes
  • Restaurants
  • Food variety in different countries
  • Cultural cuisines
  • Food Reviews


There is a growing demand for self-help content among the readers that can motivate them to do something. Self-help and motivational content are among the trending topics for content writing. You can write blogs on self-help that can motivate others to tap their potential. Also, you can shed light on the journey of successful people, such as their hardships and how they overcame them. You can write on the following things:

  • Self-help tips
  • Biographical accounts of inspirational people
  • Activities that can enhance self-image
  • How to become a better version of yourself?

Business Start-ups

In today’s globalized world, everybody wants to enjoy the comforts of modern life. But the salaried person can hardly afford the cost of living due to rising inflation. People seem to be willing to set up their own business start-ups for that purpose. In this sense, the prospects of extra income are motivating people to become entrepreneurs. However, most of them are new to this idea and they require guidance for that. You can guide your readers on how to set up their business. You can choose to write on the following topics:

  • Write about business ideas
  • Inform the readers on how to make a business plan
  • Inform the readers about digital marketing
  • Guide them on how to set aside the finances for a business


It might be challenging to pick what to write about, no matter how accomplished a content writer you are. It is not easy to think of a topic for your next blog with so much information available on the internet. Therefore, the trending topics mentioned above will help you gather your thoughts effectively as well as provide you with a clear understanding of what to write next.