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PEO outsourcing is a growing trend among government agencies and large-scale private companies to outsource certain functions to private-sector partners. PEOs offer a variety of services, from IT support and management to logistics, finance, HR, and human resources. They also offer training and educational services to their clients, including job-related training at their facilities and online programs, which help agencies recruit and retain a skilled workforce. igen and other PEOs partner with government agencies to offer cost-saving services, such as IT support, which helps agencies keep their IT systems running at peak performance.

Most PEOs have online portals where clients can access their services and view their account balances, which can be helpful when searching for the right partner. Some PEOs also offer additional services, like accounting and legal services, which can be helpful when managing an agency’s finances and compliance requirements. An increasing number of government agencies are also considering PEO outsourcing as a way to reduce costs and strengthen their strategic relationships with industry partners, while also increasing their operational efficiency. This allows government agencies to expand their offerings and services without expanding their staff. Thus, below are some benefits of PEO outsourcing.

  • Improve the employee perks and the HR process: PEOs can help agencies improve their employee perks and the HR process. For example, PEOs offer training programs that help agencies recruit and retain a skilled workforce, which can help agencies improve employee perks and the HR process. This can help agencies save time and money on traditional hiring processes, such as background checks and drug testing, which can be difficult and time-consuming to accomplish on their own. By partnering with an experienced PEO, agencies can improve their human resources process, which can help them recruit and retain a skilled workforce. For example, some PEOs offer job-related training at their facilities and online programs, which help agencies recruit and retain a skilled workforce.
  • Keep your payroll compliant: PEOs can help with compliance, answers questions, and helps protect the agency against potential credit card fraud and identity theft. For example, PEOs can buy credit report protection for the entire agency to ensure that the agency’s credit reports are free from identity theft, and they can buy identity-theft insurance to ensure that the agency is protected against financial loss resulting from identity theft. PEOs also help to protect the agency against future identity theft by helping to build awareness about how to secure their identities. A PEO can help you stay in compliance with payroll regulations and help you save time on recording employee time and keeping records up to date.
  • Legal Risk is Reduced: PEOs can offer legal services at a rate lower than that of in-house counsel. This is because PEOs often outsource their legal advice to the law firms that they work with, which reduces the legal risk of the PEO when providing service to their government customers. Additionally, because law firms are often closer to the customer base and have access to the same information as the PEO, they are better able to offer legal support at a lower cost. PEOs take on many of the risks and responsibilities that agencies face by ensuring the work of their contractors. A PEO can do the legal work for a client while a Lawyer is focused on the strategic aspects of the deal.
  • Employee Benefits Increase: PEOs offer an increase in health and retirement benefit including continuing healthcare coverage during leave, retirement savings accounts, and more. By outsourcing the management of your benefit programs to a PEO, you enjoy a more comprehensive benefits package with less complexity and more simplicity, since your human resources department has minimal involvement in your employee benefits plan. Outsourcing to a PEO can help you increase the benefits of your employee benefits package by reducing extended-hour costs, offering more flexible benefits, and improving work-life balance. Offering a variety of benefits increases recruitment and retention. By outsourcing to a PEO, agencies can increase benefits, improve service delivery, and save money while meeting their service level goals.
  • Maximum Flexibility: PEOs offer their clients maximum flexibility when it comes to when and where to perform certain functions. This allows agencies to be as efficient as possible, saving time and money in the long run. This also allows PEOs to customize their programs to meet the needs of their clients, which often results in better education and job training. This level of flexibility enables agencies to quickly respond to changing needs and priorities. This flexibility allows agencies to meet their short- and long-term workforce needs most efficiently. It also allows agencies to respond quickly to changing work requirements and priorities, which improves employee morale and productivity. This allows agencies to find the right mix of services that best fit their needs and budget.
  • Easy to Find Talent with High Qualifications: PEO services help agencies find the right talent with the right qualifications. This helps you build a workforce with the right skills to meet your agency’s needs. One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing your human resources needs is the ability to find high-quality candidates for your open positions. In-house HR teams don’t have the same ability to recruit from a large talent pool, which can make it difficult to find the right candidates for your open positions. Outsourcing your HR functions to a PEO allows you to tap into a much larger talent pool than in-house HR allows, which gives you a better chance of finding the best candidates for your open positions. This is particularly important in today’s economy, where finding qualified candidates are more difficult than ever.

PEO services offer several benefits that can help agencies meet their workforce needs, save money, and improve service delivery. By outsourcing to a PEO, agencies can time and money, improve service delivery, and meet their workforce needs. This in turn improves employee morale and productivity, which leads to increased recruitment and retention. The benefits of the best PEO services aren’t limited to immediate cost savings. This allows you to meet your service level goals and continue providing the best service to your customers. Ultimately, this helps you build a stronger agency and increase profitability.