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How Can You Get Benefited From A Green Wall?

Green walls design Dubai

Plants are a wonderful creation, because they not only are beautiful and appealing, but their medicinal properties are countless in their own way. Choose any plant of your choice, and you will get some or the other kind of benefit from it without a doubt. For offices and plush homes, a green wall is the perfect option to go for, especially if you are looking forward to giving a natural makeover to your existing place, because the beauty and appeal that you can get with plants is much more beautiful than what you can get with luxury decor items. A green wall constitutes of various kinds of plants arranged in a row, vertically, so that the person who sees these plants from the outside gets mesmerized by their arrangement and variety. Green walls design Dubai have been in trend from the past few years now, but they are getting a lot of attention now, when the world is moving towards a green and clean environment. Following are some of the benefits of having a green wall:

  • Sound absorbing capacity: The best part about plants is that, they have excellent sound retention capacity, hence if your office building is situated just near the main road, you will be able to get rid of all that traffic noise, if you use a green wall. Leave of a plant are responsible for performing this function, since they absorb all the voice that comes their way and bounce it back. Hence, you can conduct all your business meetings without worrying about any kind of disturbance to bother you in any way. Why go for expensive rugs and mats, when you can get the same amount of result by installing some plants in your building and home.
  • Eliminate the chances of severe fire: There might be instances where your work place or home might get a fire due to a malfunctioning in some equipment, though the fire extinguisher can work well in such cases. But this problem can be eliminated upto some extent by installing a green wall in your office space, because plants have the natural capacity of holding moisture and remaining hydrated, that is why they don’t catch fire easily. So if you install a lot of green walls in your building, you can protect it from getting damaged by a fire, since the plants won’t let that happen in any case.
  • Bloom of fresh air: Plants perform the function of inhaling carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, which makes them a wonderful creation, since they support human life immensely. With the work stress rising continuously, one way to calm down your employees and make them more resilient, a green wall can do wonders in such cases. Not only do these plants purify the air, but make it more aromatic and clean, eliminating all the unnecessary particles and elements from entering the human body.

Along with various plants, you can get a moss in UAE, which you can use on the basis of where you would like to have it.