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Tips To Find the Best Cataract Treatment Near Me

The main function of your eye lenses is to bend the incoming light effectively so that it falls on the retina allowing you to see clearly. Unfortunately, natural eye lenses undergo wear & tear with age as other bodily parts. Such a condition causes the lens to become cloudy (cataract riddled) and hinder your vision. The only way to restore your visual acuity would be to remove the damaged lens from the eye and have it replaced with an artificial lens known as an intraocular lens. No amount of eye drops or following an eye-healthy diet will help you to eliminate cataract formation. Removing it surgically is the only solution available at present.  Trying to find the best possible cataract treatment near me would pose no problem, whatsoever.

How to find the right cataract surgeon?

  • Visit an Eye Doctor– You may visit the local Optometrist you are comfortable with. However, they would not be qualified to perform eye surgeries. Inquire about the best ophthalmologist in your area instead. Remember that the ophthalmologist is an eye doctor with the requisite skills to perform surgery. However, you may have your eyes examined by a doctor of optometry and obtain advice about the next step. Postoperative care may also be provided by such doctors if you are not too eager to visit a faraway eye clinic regularly.

  • Board Certification– A certification provided by the “American Board of Ophthalmology” is essential as it offers an evaluation of the quality. The certified doctors are sure to meet the standards thus helping you to make an informed decision about selecting the right cataract doctor.

  • Reviews– It would be a good idea to ask around and arrive at a conclusion about the quality of a particular eye surgeon. Satisfied patients in your family and friends would be able to give you a low down of their experience. However, you are welcome to go through online reviews to obtain an idea of what you can expect. Do not believe everything blindly, however. It is best to take the glorifying reviews and extremely low-rated ones with a pinch of salt. Another wonderful way to locate a competent and experienced eye surgeon would be to ask for referrals/recommendations by getting in touch with your regular eye doctor.

  • Technology – Do not underestimate the power of technology though. An experienced cataract surgeon will be able to provide you with multiple choices when he/she is well versed with the technological implications of IOL insertion. While it is okay to opt for a conventional IOL, you may be interested in advanced lenses that will help you to get rid of reading glasses for good. A skilled surgeon who is well versed with cataract surgery and is aware of the latest technology may also be able to offer presbyopia correction at the same time.

Do not be hesitant about clearing all your doubts by repeated inquiries when you are eager to get the best cataract treatment near me.