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Selin Sakarcan – Running Tips During Winter with Key Tips to Good Mental Health

Athlete fitness friends running on an open road.

The winter months are harsh and cold. Runners face a lot of challenges when it comes to getting up every morning for their runs. However, with certain tips, winter running can be just as enjoyable as other seasons to stay healthy and fit.

Selin Sakarcan – Gearing up for your winter runs

Selin Sakarcan is an esteemed podiatric surgeon in the USA. She belongs to a Turkish-American home and loves everything about the culture and language of Turkey. She loves to run marathons and is an athlete who actively takes part in many sports regularly.

 She has a deep passion for learning languages that developed after she started to learn French in school. She is a business owner and busy setting up a non-profit called Back on My Feet in Connecticut.

According to her, when it comes to running during winter, the following tips come in handy-

  1. Warm-up inside– Do a thorough warm-up inside your home before you venture out. This allows your body to become loose, and the joints are warmed up before you venture outside.
  • Use proper clothes– Your hands, head, and ears should be covered well before you go out in the harsh cold. Your hands often become numb if the temperature outside is freezing.
  • Finish your run quickly– Now, if you have to walk or drive to the spot where you will begin your run, wear an extra layer of clothes. The extra layer of clothes stops the body temperature from dipping.
  • Hydration– Most people believe that hydration is not as important during the winter months as in summer. This is not true. The body needs water to sustain itself all the time. So, make sure you carry water.
  • Release apprehensions– Releasing apprehensions about the winter weather will help you stick to your fitness goals and stay on track. Running has many benefits when it comes to mental and physical health. It helps you control weight build stamina and strength.

Keep your diet healthy

In order to enjoy the optimal benefits of running, you should always keep your diet healthy Being an athlete; she believes that what a person eats in a day is important for the maintenance of good health. Besides training virtually daily, sticking to a good diet plan helps you to attain the maximum benefits of good mental and physical health.

According to Selin Sakarcan, people these days, after the outset of the coronavirus pandemic, are resorting to binge eating because they are anxious. One should not succumb to these urges. You can take the help of a good dietician and plan your meals. In this way, you are effectively able to maintain good health and weight.

Last but not least, rest well. This helps your mind and body to relax. If you are anxious or worried about these uncertain times, meditation will help you to control negative patterns. You can lift depression and fear with it. You can start with deep breaths or resort to guided meditation tools you find on credible resources online. With them, you effectively are to calm the thoughts that clutter your mind and stay peaceful.