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Dr. Curtis Cripe – How Does Your Brain Transform with Age?

It is an amazing part of the body when it comes to the human brain. However, many people are not aware of the fact that, like everything else in the body, the brain undergoes a series of changes as well. These changes are inevitable, and every man and woman have to undergo them.

As a person grows older, the human body experiences many noticeable changes. For instance, the hair turns gray, the skin gets wrinkles and gradually loses its elasticity, the joints and the muscles in the body hurt. However, these changes are not the only things that become different with age; other transformations are less noticeable, like a decline in your cognitive abilities and skills.

Dr. Curtis Cripe is the Director of Research and Development at the NTL Group in the USA and an esteemed name in the field of behavioral medicine, neuroscience, neuro-engineering, and Neurotherapy. According to him, when you reach the age of 40 years, the brain loses some of its agility and sharpness.

Changes your brain experiences as you age

Around 10 years ago, a study in England revealed that people between the ages of 45 to 49 undergo a vital decline in cognitive functioning. Some of the key changes that take place are as follows-

Cognitive changes– There are subtle shifts that take place with the aging process. A person might not be able to remember passwords phone numbers, recall names, and the ability to retain information that is new to them. This is due to the fact that the declarative memory of the person might become weak.

Structural changes– The cognitive changes that occur are generally associated with the chemistry transformations associated with the brain’s structure. For instance, when a person turns 30 or 40, the brain’s overall volume begins to contract, with its rate of shrinking worsening as age advances.

The neuronal changes-The brain shrinks in size primarily because the size of the neurons decreases, and they retract their dendrites. When a person becomes older, the volume of synapses between the brain cells decreases, which negatively impacts memory and learning.

There is help at hand for you

There is no need for you to panic or be concerned when it comes to the above. There are many ways for you to ramp up the functions and the abilities of the brain safely. For instance, the company belonging to Dr. Curtis has developed a customized brain training program that entails brain mapping for identifying the dysfunctional regions of the brain, giving it the exercise, it needs, and monitoring its performance with an extensive set of measures. Patients ate able to gradually deal with the brain’s changes with time. They can improve their cognitive abilities and boost their functioning in everyday life.

Dr. Curtis Cripe is a credible and esteemed specialist with valuable experience and a rich background of knowledge in multidisciplinary and academic fields. He has served various industries that include engineering, aerospace, psychophysiology, bioengineering, and child neurodevelopment.