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Reasons Why a Watch is the Best Gift You Can Ever Give to a Lady

As time goes by, accessories have been evolving that may also be improved by modern technology. What may stand out from all of them are watches. It has been the best gift you could ever think of with its versatility and the purposes it serves. If you are wondering what is the best gift to give to your girl, it can be for your sister, mother, girlfriend, or wife, worry less because Rolex could give you the best idea for that.

If you cannot decide what to choose, you should check out the brand Rolex which provides you the best watches you could choose from. Watches could indicate your status or just improve your style. There are even meanings associated with giving a lady a watch as a gift and If you are still deciding if you should go for it, keep on reading to know more about Rolex products and their great features

Introducing the Rolex Brand

A piece of jewellery that can be a status symbol or even serve as a family heirloom can encompass far more than the mere deed of just giving a watch. With the Rolex Lady Datejust, it can make it more special. So, what is it about the Rolex brand? Rolex watches are more inevitable than ever. It can survive from the extreme conditions you could think of: From great deep waters to mountains you climb, and even any adventure you go on, Rolex watches will ensure that they can exceed your expectations. To prove that, they have all gone through the extremes before to test their limits. The Perpetual movements that equip the Rolex models play a key role in the reputation for excellence of Rolex watches.

Starting from its iconic logo and symbol, the Rolex brand has registered its trademark in 1931. The history of Rolex watchmaking was proof of how it has reigned the watch industry through the years. Being the pioneer in the development of the wristwatch, it has innovated the huge watchmaking origin and has successfully registered over 500 patents throughout its history.

Unique Features You Can Find in a Rolex Wristwatch

To start with its basic features, let us give you a fun fact first. Every mechanical watch goes “tick-tock” because it serves an important role in the watch’s movement for the measurement of time. The ticking sound is the tooth of the escape wheel when it locks against the parts of the watch which is the pallets of the lever, then it goes tock when it was released by the sweep of the oscillator and the pallet fork allows the wheel to escape until it locks against the second pallet. What is amazing about it is it has an infinite pendular beat with 28,000 times every hour including the 14,4oo ticks and tocks which is 250 million times a year.

That fact has made it more special if you think about it and with its other amazing feature is that Rolex branded wrist watches have self-winding mechanical movements designed and manufactured by the Rolex itself and certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) as chronometers.  Because of that, it ensures that Rolex branded wrist watches have high performance and adherence in terms of efficient self-winding, ease of maintenance, shock-resistance, and precision.

The Rolex brand has also invented the self-winding mechanism in 1931 with a free rotor that is also called the “Perpetual Rotor” that would be adopted by the whole watchmaking industry in the future. It also consists of a half-moon shape oscillating weight that pivots freely on the central axle only with one direction then the other with the natural movements. The oscillations of the weight produce energy from its mainspring source that provides constant and stable energy to the wristwatch.

Thoughtful Meanings Behind Giving a Wristwatch as a Gift

It could give off different meanings when giving a watch as a gift. It is a thoughtful way to signify your love for the woman because it represents different meanings like your intention and confirmation of your relationship with her. What is romantic about this is whenever she will look at her wristwatch, it could remind her of you and the time you have spent together.

Aside from the meanings in a relationship, it can also be a great gift for those who have graduated or have been accepted to their first job which the timepiece can symbolise the life-changing and new beginning ahead of them.

Recommended Rolex Wristwatches You Can Buy

A type of Rolex wristwatch you could buy is the mother-of-pearl which is full of mystery and surprises. There are many colours you could choose from and every colour depends on the origin and has different intensity and structure of the part of the shell. If you are wondering if it is even its true colour, the Rolex’s mother-of-pearl is not artificially colored because the natural beauty of it is preserved and highlighted. It is a unique piece because you would not find it on any other wristwatches.


Rolex has successfully produced exceptionally great products that you can find. A timepiece may seem simple but with the thought of it, receiving it as a gift is very special since it is like giving it as a gift of time that your girl will never forget. Few companies have tried to produce an excellent product and by the discovery of the innovative solutions from Rolex Lady Datejust, this brand has completely stood out.

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