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Everything You Need To Know About White Gold

Mostly when we think about gold, we imagine the golden hues shining bright. But there is one more version of gold that is as stylish and bright as its yellow companion. It is none other than white gold.

As the name suggests, this type of gold is white in colour. If you have never heard about this one yet, this article is perfect for you. We have jotted down everything that you need to know about white gold.

Let’s begin!

What is white gold?

The basic thing people ask is what exactly is white gold. Well, it is an alloy or mixture of gold. This means that it contains different precious metals such as pure yellow gold, silver, palladium, nickel, copper, and zinc.

Its whiteness depends on the type and proportions of metals used. This is why you would find some white gold pieces far whiter while some may have yellow tint.

Over the years, white gold is becoming as popular as yellow gold. You can also prefer it over silver since it does not get oxidized after a while. The metal is also quite durable so you can keep it intact for years.

Why Should You Choose White Gold?

Here are some of the reasons why you can pick white gold for your jewellery next time:

  • No Discoloration: Unlike silver, white gold will not get oxidized or discoloured due to the exposure. And that’s why white gold finger rings and even anklets are so popular for daily use.
  • High Quality: It may not seem like the typical gold but white gold also has high quality. After all, it is a mixture of pure gold and platinum as well.
  • Different Shades: Based on your choices, you can also avail white gold in different shades. You just have to choose the proportion and the type of metals used to create the alloy. 
  • Robust: Compared to silver, yellow gold, and rose gold; white gold is much more robust. This means it will not get scratched easily.
  • Easy To Design: White gold is quite malleable, more than platinum. It is also much more affordable and comfortable. So, if you want an intricate design, white gold is a great option. Its white colour also lets other gemstones shine to their utmost.

FAQs About White Gold

  • Is white gold more expensive than yellow gold?

Usually, the price is similar. But in some cases, white gold can be slightly more expensive than yellow gold. This is because white gold requires different processes for the final product and it is also more durable than yellow gold.

  • How to take care of your white gold jewellery?

Here are some tips to make sure your white gold jewellery remains safe and shining for long time:

  1. Always remove it while going for swimming as chlorine can react with it.
  2. Try to store white gold away from other metals.
  3. Regularly clean your jewellery with a gentle cloth to remove any dirt or oil.
  • White gold or platinum: which is better?

When it comes to comparing white gold and platinum, there is no one right answer. Both are excellent metals. Platinum is highly durable and white gold is highly malleable. If you compare in terms of budget, then platinum is far more expensive than white gold. Overall, it depends on your choice and budget.

  • What are some famous types of white gold jewellery pieces?

The best part of white gold is that you can customize it as per your needs. Some of the most popular jewellery pieces you can go for are engagement rings, bracelets, studs, or delicate necklaces with gemstones.

Summing It Up

Done reading? Then we are sure you are already set to select some white jewellery pieces. The only thing to keep in mind is always select a trusted and verified jewellery to buy white gold. Once you have found one, you are good to go!