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7 Types Of Designer Jackets For Men In The USA

The jacket is not an ordinary apparel part of an outfit but it can turn any ordinary outfit into a stylish look. It enlarges a vast variety of different styles and designs. You need to choose the right designer jacket for the right event to slay like a fashionista. Jackets are not only popular among women but in the men’s fashion industry too. Designer jackets make any man’s outfit into a stylish outlook. Let’s dig more info about different types of designer jackets for men.  

Different Types Of Designer Jackets

If you are not among those men who know everything about fashion then in this blog you can get to know some different designer jacket styles. Get your hands on the emmiol products at discount by using the emmiol promo code and get up to $35 on designer jackets and much more.  

Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are also known as flight jackets, are designer jackets that come with a zipped front and fitted elastic waist and cuffs. This designer jacket style is inspired by the US air force, where a flight crew member wore these types of jackets. Now men are loving to wear these designer jackets called bomber jackets and that’s why they have become everyone’s wardrobe part. This jacket is best for every event and is loved by every man of all professions. This designer jacket is mostly made of leather material fabric but now also comes in nylon and other materials. 

Trucker Jacket

This type of jacket is of button front type. The trucker jacket comes in double breast pockets. Maybe you have seen this type of designer jacket popular in the women’s fashion industry and now it is also popular in the men’s fashion industry. It can be worn in casual events and people can wear this type of designer jacket. They are easy to wear and are stylish. You can wear them on your trip or on vacations. If you want to know what type of shoes you can pair with them then you don’t need to be choosy. As you can wear any type of shoes, sports shoes, sneakers, white sneakers, all such types of shoes can be easily paired with this type of designer jacket. 


This designer jacket is designed for men that are made for the winter season. It is a kind of long jacket that covers the hips. This designer jacket is perfect for cold weather. This is perfect for winter evenings and you can wear them with your friend’s outings. You can find parka designer jackets easily from any of the fashion brands in the USA.

Pea Coat

A short-length coat that generally comes in dark navy color and its fabric is usually made of heavy wool. Pea coats often feature large buttons and diagonal pockets. This type of designer jacket or cat was originally worn by sailors but now it has gained popularity. This type of designer coat is available in almost every man’s wardrobe now. 

Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is another popular type of designer jacket that is very much likable by men. Leather jackets are very much in the fashion industry for both men and women. You can wear them in winter and as well as in summer too, leather jackets create a fashion statement that everybody loves to wear. leather is a fabric that is naturally insulating and water-resistant, and you can also wear this designer jacket during the foggy season too. This type of jacket comes in different styles and different designs because of gaining popularity among men. If you are looking for something that will run from season to season then this will be a good choice, choose leather jackets. As they have a long life and it looks perfect over time without looking old or outdated. One thing you should know is that they are a little more pricey than others because the leather they use is precious (if you are buying the original leather-made jacket). 

Fleece Jacket

Looking for something stylish for winter then choose these types of jackets that brands offer to their customers to make them look stylish and cool. Fleece jackets are perfect for the winter season, making you feel warm plus stylish. Fleece is a fabric that is usually made for winters to keep you warm and safe. They are comfortable at the same time and the fabric is soft so that you feel amazing. Get you a fleece jacket at low prices by using the 32 degrees coupon code, as they are offering 75-85% off on their clearance items.  Fleece jackets are very much in the trend these days where people prefer wearing fleece jackets even in the summer season too. 

Harrington Jacket

Jackets have made a new place in the fashion industry that gathers everyone’s attention towards them. The designer always tends to offer new and unique styles of design jackets that can make people look more stylish. A Harrington jacket is one of those jackets that creates a swag and drip! You may have noticed that singers especially are wearing such designer jackets during their concert. This type of jacket has elastic cuffs on the wrist and waist and is short in length. Men, who want to look cooler, then they can choose this type of designer jacket and can make a fashion statement. However, there are also other jackets too that can fulfill their desire but this is the new trend and a new fashion statement. Maybe you have heard this name for the first time but are familiar with the style, right? This type of designer jacket also comes in such a category which you can wear anywhere, everywhere, throughout the season. You can pair them with sneakers and ripped jeans and don’t wear a shinned pair of shoes. Otherwise, it will not look good in my opinion, as this jacket is more casual wearing. You can wear a polo shirt or maybe ribbed sweaters underneath in winter.