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Why Measure Carbon Dioxide in Beer? Here Are 5 Reasons to Know

Carbon dioxide is frequently used in the food and beverage industry. It is important to measure the true CO2 content in beer and beer-based mixed drinks.Dissolved CO2 meters can help you keep tabs on your beer’s carbonation levels, which can be vital to ensuring that it tastes great and doesn’t go flat too soon. If you own a commercial brewery or microbrewery, chances are you are considering using a dissolved CO2 meter. If you want to know why fixed gas detection is relevant in the beverage industry, the following reasons will provide you some clarity:

More Consistent Bottles:

Measuring dissolved CO2 can help identify the causes of inconsistencies. If your CO2 levels are too low, your beer could be under-carbonated.If they’re too high, you might end up with over-carbonated beer. Keeping an eye on your dissolved CO2 can also help avoid these issues and make sure you have more consistent bottles of beer.

Less Guesswork:

It’s important for brewers to test their beer with a dissolved CO2 meter before packaging. This is because excess CO2 dissolved in beer can lead to foaming and over carbonation, which will change its appearance and ultimately how it tastes. This issue is easily avoided by following a few basic steps.Firstly, leave time for your beer to carbonate naturally, and then test periodically with a dissolved CO2 meter until you reach your desired level of carbonation.

Better Fermentation Quality:

Using a dissolved CO2 meter is an easy way to ensure that fermentation quality remains consistent from batch to batch. This ensures not only better flavour, but also better carbonation levels in beer. With consistent results, you can replicate your best beers for all your loyal customers over and over again.

Minimise Trial and Error:

Many brewers measure dissolved CO2 for troubleshooting and qualitycontrol purposes. This method can help you find the reasonsfor excess dissolved carbon dioxide (dCO2) and ensure that your beer stays at its proper serving pressure. Excess dCO2 can cause foaming, increased levels of esters and diacetyl, degraded head retention, and a drop in overall beer quality. With fixed gas detection, you can adjust your process before too much damage is done.

Save Money by Detecting Problems Early:

When CO2 is present at levels too high for beverage quality, it can cause other issues,including foaming during packaging, increased losses during transferal, and reduction in shelf life. This would lead to loss of money in the overall manufacturing process. With the help of a dissolved CO2 meter, these problems and issues can be easily prevented.

The importance of carbon dioxide measurement in beer cannot be overstated, as it affects nearly every aspect of the brewing process. No matter what type of beer you’re making, it’s essential to measure dissolved CO2 to ensure your brew’s ultimate flavour and quality are up to par with your expectations. Contact a reputable company today if you’d like to purchase a dissolved CO2 or dissolved O2 meter for your facility.