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Which Small Business Management Apps Are Most Important?

Managing a business is not easy, and many people turn to use third-party apps or tools to simplify the toughest parts of the work that they are doing. But how much of a difference do these apps actually make, and which ones are the most important?


While many people use calendar apps as an offhand tool, they are extremely powerful when you start to pay attention to them a little closer. 

They are not just for keeping track of the date and scheduling meetings – they can be used to alert you to important events, like the date that paystubs need to be prepared or the exact time that a new service will become open to the public.


Having ways to send documents around is great, but it is much more important to have ways that they can be sent around and edited or modified as needed. A company that relies on printed-out copies of edited documents is going to be lacking when it comes to efficiency.

Online document creation tools, especially those made as part of a larger cloud service, are some of the most universal apps for your business. No matter your industry, niche, size, or scope, they will become a valuable part of internal communications and document sharing.


Communication is obviously key, so having the option to video call or message other people is always useful. Of course, the specific apps that you use will change the way that these benefits are offered and what you can actually do with the platforms.

Some might be direct one-to-one messaging apps, while others could be full-scale video call apps that allow more than 30 people to take part in meetings simultaneously. Either way, they allow for flawless communication across offices, countries, or even entirely opposite sides of the world.


Payroll processing is always hard, and payroll software can come in a lot of different varieties. Even a simple pay stub maker can be extremely important since it allows you to generate a pay stub or payslip quickly and skip a lot of the hassle that payroll processing can involve.

A decent paystub generator can be one of the most useful tools you will ever find, and being able to make paystubs quickly is extremely convenient. Whether you have an actual accountant or just an employee acting as the assigned paystub creator, giving them an effective check stub maker can speed up payroll management dramatically.


Having a way to fill out forms quickly – or generate forms from scratch – is surprisingly useful. This could be new hire applications, reports on completed projects, or even used for customer and employee feedback. Choosing the right app allows you to centralize anything and everything related to form management.

These can be used for internal purposes, too. Requests for leave or holidays, HR documents, emergency material requisition forms for industrial sites, insurance use, or even just as a safety formality when dealing with dangerous working conditions. You can encounter a lot of forms – more than you might expect – in day-to-day workplace duties.