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Top 5 Criteria to Choose The Best Proxy Service Provider

Have no idea how to choose a proxy service provider? Check out these top 5 criteria when choosing the best proxy service provider. With these, choosing one won’t be as hard as what you think anymore. 

In this quick guide, you will learn the basic information about proxy services and their benefits to businesses and organizations. Moreover, you’ll also learn the main factors for consideration when choosing one to invest in. 

What is a proxy?

A proxy is a server application that acts as a mediator between your device and the internet. It is essentially an emissary server that separates the users from the applications and websites they browse on the web. 

Proxy servers deliver different levels of privacy, functionality, and security based on your usage case, requirements, or business policy. 

When you are using a proxy server, your web traffic is filtered through the server before going to the requested address. All of the data and information of your requested address also flows back through the proxy server then the server forwards all received data from the site to you. 

Why are proxies essential?

Proxies offer several benefits that businesses and organizations can leverage on. Below is a list of the top five importance of having a reliable proxy server in your company. 

1. Improve Organizational Security

Any company is not completely safe against hackers. Data breach not only undermines your brand’s public image but could also cost you a lot of money. 

A proxy server can protect your company’s server against hackers by providing an extra layer of safety and security between outside traffic and your servers. 

2. Perform Confidential Tasks Anonymously

If you are often carrying out sensitive and confidential tasks over the internet, then it is only right that you invest in a top-reliable proxy service provider (for instance, check a few of the market-leading ones, such as Oxylabs.io).

Proxy servers are best known for their capability of anonymizing web traffic. Thus, you and your business’s internal affairs are secured and well-protected against intrusive outside factors. 

3. Avoid Server Crash

Apart from providing exceptional server safety and security, proxies can also help make sure that your servers do not crash by balancing their web traffic. 

Having a stable and dependable web server for your business is crucial to your sales funnel. Customers get easily annoyed when a brand’s online website or e-commerce store crashes while they are in the middle of browsing or purchasing. 

4. Regulate Employees’ Internet Usage

To prevent your employees from accessing inappropriate and unsecured websites on your company’s networks, investing in a top-rated proxy server is the best solution. 

Through the help of a proxy, you, as the administrator, can block specific websites with malicious or undesirable content. 

5. Boost Internet Speeds and Save Bandwidth

Some of the most popular proxy servers offer the ability to boost internet speeds and provide valuable bandwidth-saving potentials. 

You can also utilize bandwidth monitoring tools to monitor the bandwidth consumption of users, applications, services, and network devices

Proxies can compress traffic, cache web pages and files, and diminish ads from various websites. This releases valuable bandwidth, thus, giving you and your team faster internet speed. 

5 main factors to consider when choosing a proxy service provider

1. The Proxy Service Provider’s Track-Record

When choosing a proxy server for your company, you must pick one from a reputable and dependable service provider. Look into online reviews and testimonials from customers for the proxies you have on your candidates’ list. 

Choosing a top-trusted proxy service provider gives you the guarantee of the optimum safety and security of your business’ network servers. 

2. The Proxy’s IP Pool

If you are working on projects that require the use of a proxy server from certain locations, then going for a proxy that offers a wider IP pool is the way to go. This allows you to unblock more IPs. 

3. Speed

Aside from providing stellar security to your servers, a proxy server should also offer to boost your internet speeds and deliver bandwidth-saving opportunities. As a business entity, your internet speed is crucial to your daily operations; thus, your proxy server should help improve it instead of slowing it down. 

4. Log-in Dashboard

Your proxy server must have a login dashboard where you can conveniently change your information and credentials, monitor usage statistics, or purchase additional proxies without needing to contact customer support. 

5. The Pricing

If you are tempted to choose a free proxy server to use for your company’s network server, then you are not giving your business a favor. The majority of free-to-use proxies offer sub-par security and functionalities that don’t give your business any benefit. 

Thus, the better option is a paid proxy server from a top-notch service provider. Depending on your project and your business’s security requirements, there’s an array of reliable proxies that fit your budget. 


Different proxy service providers deliver a different set of functionalities and advantages. Thus, when choosing one, make sure to dig deeper, evaluate, and compare the various offers you stumble upon online.