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Outline – Section 8 Company (Non-Profit Company)

Segment 8 organization or NGO organization can be framed for magnanimous reason in the wake of getting permits from enlistment center of organizations. These organizations can be privately restricted or public restricted and obligations of individuals are restricted by ensuring.

An organization can be enrolled for magnanimous purposes with the object of not creating any gains. These organizations are fundamentally called area 8 organizations or NGO organizations.

This is dependent upon the arrangements of Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013. Consequently, these organizations are by and large called Section 8 organizations and are framed to advance Commerce, Science, Art, Religion, Charity, or other socially helpful targets.

A Section 8 Company will not deliver any profit to its individuals, yet apply the overflow of receipts over installments for the advancement of its targets.

These organizations need not utilize the words Limited or Private Limited after their name and are for the most part enlisted as Guarantee Company with restricted responsibility with or without capital. Such organizations can be private or public relying upon the number of people included.

In the event of ending up of a Section 8 organization, the resources staying in the wake of clearing all obligations and liabilities ought not to be conveyed among individuals from the organization. 

All things being equal, it ought to be given or moved to different organizations having comparable targets as not entirely settled by the individuals or the High Court during the time spent twisting up.

Area 8 Company Registration – Requirements

Place Order Online

Make e-lawyering records

Apply Company Name

Apply for License under Sec.8

Fuse Filing

The cycle of Section 8 Company Registration

Organization Name Application

The First Step is to get Digital Signatures and Director Identification Number for Directors and document Company Name Application

– Least 2 Directors and Shareholders

– Container/Aadhaar/Address for getting Digital Signatures and Director Identification Number

– Application for Company Name Approval

Getting License from the Registrar of Companies

On Approval of Company Name, Application to be submitted for License under Section 8 with:

– Advertisers Profile and Background

– Itemized Grounds of Application

– Projected Income and Expenditure/Assets and Liabilities for quite a long time

– Reminder and Articles of Association

Organization Registration

On Approval of License under Section 8, Application to be submitted for Company Registration

– Duplicate of License

– Revelations/Affidavits under Companies Act

– Reminder and Articles of Association

– Address Proof of Registered Address

On endorsement of Application, Certificate of Incorporation will be given by the Registrar of Companies.

Reports Required

Reports for License

Segment 8 organization development is just conceivable in the wake of getting permit from the recorder of organizations. The permit can be gotten with beneath rundown of archives

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Rundown of reports

Profile of Promoters (E-lawyering doc)

Pay Projection

Grounds of Application (e-lawyering doc)

INC 15 – Declaration

Draft Memorandum of Association

Draft Articles of Association

Chiefs Document

To get Company enrolled, you want to give underneath archives. The archives can be submitted through on the web

The organization enrollment process starts with applying DIN for new chiefs. To apply for DIN, address verification and ID confirmation are expected to be submitted

Rundown of Documents

Duplicate of PAN

Duplicate of Address Proof – Telephone Statement

Second ID Proof

Enlisted Office Address

The organization needs an enlisted office within 30 days from the date of enrollment. While recording enlisted office, underneath archives are expected for endorsement

Power Bill Copy or

Gas Bill

Proprietorship confirmation

Area 8 Company Registration

Not really for Profit

Area 8 organization must be shaped for the reason for the advancement of trade, craftsmanship, science, sports, training, research, social government assistance, religion, a noble cause, assurance of climate and the benefit can not be appropriated among the individuals.

Organization Limited by Guarantee

In the greater part of cases, segment 8 organizations will be an organization restricted by ensure not having a share capital. The responsibility of individuals just emerged at the hour of ending up of the organization.


Segment 8 organization name need not end with “Restricted” or “Private Limited”.

Permit for Section 8 organization

Area 8 organization can-shaped subsequent to getting a permit from Registrar of Companies. After endorsement of name, advertisers will record applications with particular enlistment centers of organizations for a permit.