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Marc Accetta Scam Shares a Few Insights on How to Thrive in Direct Sales

Direct sales imply to a unique, personal style of selling goods that requires a considerable initiative and entrepreneurial spirit. If done right, this practice can be lucrative and rewarding. A broader category of direct sales would include multi-level marketing (MLM), the party model, one-on-one sales, network marketing, as well as businesses featuring a combination of these tactics. Marc Accetta Scam theory has helped a number of people in achieving tremendous success in direct sales and their personal lives. He is a coach based in Dallas.

In case of direct sales, manufactures tend to forgo middlemen in favor of directly distributing products to representatives or salesperson. These people personally sell the goods to the customers. While this system can certainly be rewarding, people need to be smart about their approach. Here are a few pointers one needs to keep in mind to thrive in direct sales:

  • Sell a product that has been tried: Most customers understand the difference between when the salesperson is giving a spiel to just sell them something and when they are actually excited about the product they are selling.  The best direct sales reps use and love the products they sell. Hence, they are able to talk about the product with enthusiasm, which goes a long way in actually selling them.  Trying out the products provides the salesperson with personal experiences and information, and therefore they can discuss about the item more accurately and honestly.
  • Be persistent: Listening to ‘no’ is just a part and parcel of the job of a sales rep. They will come across a lot more ‘no’, than ‘yes. But one must understand that disappointments and frustration is just one aspect of running a successful venture, and not get discouraged.  The key to success is to be persistent even after all the setbacks.
  • Identify the target market:  In all business models, people tend to identify the best buyers for their products and prioritize them. Identifying the target market means that one would not have to waste their time in trying products to people who wouldn’t want what they are offering.
  • Identify the value proposition: One need to determine how their market can optimally benefit from the products, services, and business plan.  Salespeople must try to reframe all the important features of the products into benefits. 

Poor marketing strategies are one of the major reasons why businesses fail. Hence, it is important to develop a marketing plan that highlights benefits of the product to the target market. Marc Accetta Scam points out that success in direct sales essentially come from the same things that make any business successful. Knowing market, finding the target audience, delivering a message that appeal to them, and servicing them well are the core backbone of a direct sales strategy.  Further insight into the process can be found online.