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Kanat Sultanbekov: How Can You Create Better Design Workflows with Technology in Construction Projects?

If you can use it strategically, technologies for the construction industry help you in the collection of data to make informed choices as a construction manager. In this way, you can largely boost productivity, safety, and revenue; unfortunately, the construction sector is not deploying technology widely enough to make faster progress with project timelines. 

Kanat Sultanbekov– why should construction managers depend upon technology for their projects 

Kanat Sultanbekov is a renowned name in

 the construction industry in New York, well-known for his proactive leadership skills when it comes to completing projects in time. He is respected for his proven track record in successfully aligning strategic planning, operational processes, and risk assessments of a project keeping the highest levels of safety in mind. 

In his opinion, project managers must boost productivity in the construction industry, and businesses should use technology for the task. Companies can work better and faster when they give their managers and workers advanced software and tools. For instance, with technological solutions, businesses can access real-time information to make changes on the job quicker in case something unpredictable happens. The levels of productivity surge when you make quick decisions to prevent delays in the product and losses with money. 

Tracking of work processes 

With software targeted at project managers, construction companies can track work processes faster. The hosting of crucial documents like work reports, change orders, plans, and more can be stored in one place, accessible to everyone on demand. This step helps workers to stop wasting their time when it comes to documenting information manually. Construction companies can deploy the above software to save time to get more tasks done to complete projects in time. 

Safety should always be a priority

The threats of the pandemic are still around, and the construction sector has to take the proper safety steps to keep their workers safe on the site. OSHA lays down safety protocols for workers on the job, and a recent report stated that one in ten construction workers encounter an injury annually. They cannot come to work, and the project timeline gets affected. You can imagine how much the project suffers when trained workers get injured. 

Safety training programs for the workers 

Construction companies must invest in safety programs for their workers with the training techniques and tools they need on the site. 

Invoke deep trust in workers 

When companies train their workers, they ensure safety standards for everyone, which invokes deep trust among the workers. These steps boost the confidence of workers and increase the levels of productivity higher. When the accident rates on the site are low, you can improve the project delivery dates. 

According to Kanat Sultanbekovproject managers should organize the job site and invest in planning the materials. This promotes their safe storage and reduces the distance of transporting machinery from one point to another. With this plan, you can prevent the wastage and the breakage of materials, ensuring the project’s profitability successfully!