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How to Self-Publish Your Book Through Amazon?

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If you are an aspiring book writer and looking for self-publishing that can save you from the intimidation of the editors and the big publication houses. Self-publishing keeps you from the unnecessary protocols of a traditional publication press. All you need is a well-written manuscript, and you are good to go with self-publishing your book. You can self-publish your eBook free of cost on Amazon with Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP Select. You can promote your ebook with Amazon marketing services California. It provides an opportunity to the inspiring writers who can’t afford the expenses of the big publication houses to write and sell their eBooks. It allows the writers to sell their eBooks on Amazon without spending a single penny.

You can be a bestselling author for free using Amazon self-publishing platforms such as Kindle Direct Publishing, Kindle Direct Publishing Select, CreateSpace, Amazon Associates, and Amazon Author Central. Amazon gives 35-70% sale price royalties to the eBook authors depending on the platform you have chosen to sell your ebook, whether Kindle Direct Publishing or Kindle Direct Publishing Select. You can select a file format for your digital books such as Mobi, ePub, HTML, RTF, and Doc. All of these formats work on Kindle Direct Publishing. It’s better to go with Mobi because it keeps the charts, tables, and images in your eBook intact.

You can convert your Word file in which you have written your eBook into Mobi using a free software known as Calibre. You can also self-publish your book through Kindle direct publishing select, which offers higher royalties of up to 70% to the eBook authors and provides lending services of your digital book to its premium members. You will get paid per lent. Kindle direct publishing select also runs promotional campaigns for your eBooks by making them accessible or discounted for 4-5 days. So, what are you waiting for? Publish your eBook today and become a critically acclaimed writer.