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How to Estimate Packers and Movers Charges?

Estimate Packers and Movers Charges

Nowadays, the trend of availing moving services is on the rise. However, people do not know how to estimate packers and movers charges in India. Most movers charge extremely high for shifting your house. So, most people can’t afford the packing and moving services of professionals.

Many people search for packers and movers charges in Quora. They want to know how they can get the right packers and movers cost estimate in India. But not all find satisfactory answers to their questions.

However, some people use an online tool named packers and movers cost calculator to estimate their packers and movers rates. These calculators let you estimate the approximate cost of shifting your house from one place to another. Many web portals let you use their packers and movers cost calculators for this purpose.

This calculator lets you fill several fields to offer you the right estimate to relocate your home. Following are the step by step instructions to use a house shifting charges calculator:-

Filling your Credentials

The first thing to fill in the cost calculator is your name and email. It is crucial to fill this field as you will be notified via your email only.  However, make sure to enter your full name in this field. Also, fill in a working email id in this field.

Source and Destination Details

The packers and movers charges are based on your source and destination details. So, make sure to fill in your source and destination details here. Remember, the farther your destination is, the more you will have to pay.

The packers and movers rates calculator calculates the charges based on the distance between your source and destination. The moving charges are calculated per km. So, this is an important field to fill while using the cost calculator.

Moving Date

Now, you have to enter your moving date in the next field. However, you should be careful in choosing your moving date. It is advisable to schedule your move in the right manner. Make sure to enter the right moving date in your next field.  A single change in your date can increase or decrease your moving costs. If your moving date falls on the weekend, you will surely have to shell out more money for your move. So, you should plan the moving date carefully.

You should submit the form on the portal after filling in the above-mentioned details. Now, you will receive a few quotes from the leading moving companies in your area.

Final Cost Estimation

Once you choose the best quote out of the given quotes, the particular company will arrange a pre-move survey. Its moving employees will visit your house and offer you a final cost estimation for your move.

These people will enquire about the volume of your goods. Besides, they also let you consider other factors before booking the best packers and movers in India. These factors will help them in quoting the right moving cost for you:-


Getting an insurance facility for your move is a wise decision on your part. You can pick from 2 insurance types- transit insurance or all-inclusive insurance. The first one lets you get the cover during the transit. However, the other one covers your goods throughout the entire relocation process.

Storage Services

If you want storage space for your goods, you can avail storage services from your chosen mover. This facility too will increase your moving charges. The people who want storage space for their goods will need these services.

Manpower Costs

If you have a big consignment to move, your movers and packers will have to increase their workforce. The number of laborers they will add for your move will determine the final moving cost. So, make sure to check your consignment before approaching the packers and movers.

Packing Services

The packers and movers also charge additionally for their packing services. They use the best packing materials to pack your products. You can avail these services if you don’t know how to pack your products. But availing these services will surely increase your moving costs.

Costs of Additional Services

The packers and movers offer a few additional services apart from the regular ones. They offer these services at an extra price. Some of these services include disassembling and reassembling your items. Unpacking services also come under this category.

The Size of your Home

Your home size also determines the cost of your packers and movers. The movers’ charge will vary according to the size of your house. If you are moving a 1 BHK home, you will have to pay less. However, shifting a 4 BHK size will cost you much more.


So, it is simple for you to estimate packers and movers charges for your relocation. The more services you will avail, the more prices you will have to pay. So, it is advisable to identify your moving needs first. It will be easy for you to estimate home relocation charges if you are well aware of your shifting needs.