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DavidPaul Doyle Naturewise Talks About Certain Advantages of Starting a Business

While some people know from an early age that they want to start their own business, many others find themselves starting a business due to certain life changes.  There are also many people who might be a salaried worker currently, but are wondering whether or not the role of business owner/entrepreneur is right for them. There are many people who find success after starting their own business, like DavidPaul Doyle Naturewise. He is a business owner living in Orinda, CA, and is a founder of two successful companies with more than $130 million in revenues and a million customers.

New businesses keep cropping up in the market on a daily basis.  Most entrepreneurs consider themselves to be “Type-A” personalities, which basically implies to people who like to take control and make decision. Owing a business saves them from having to work for anyone else and allows them to control their destiny, to an extent. When someone is at the driver’s seat, they shall make the decisions on how best to steer their company into the future.   When a person is working for someone else, they rarely get the chance to select whom they would work with.  Even if one doesn’t like their colleagues, they have to work with them.  Business owners do not face the same problem as they get to choose whom they work with. They can even hire personal friends, family members and former business colleagues to work with them in diverse capacities.  Many small business owners do so to surround themselves with positive people who gives them the confidence and encouragement they need to keep moving forward.

In the modern, corporate landscape, finding the perfect work life balance becomes difficult for many. However, one of the most talked about advantages of owning a business is the flexibility that comes with it. It allows people to work from wherever they want and set up their own hours. Anyone running a business online can particularly work while wearing a nightgown or sitting beside their pet, and won’t be answerable to anyone. While there is no question that owning your own business is a risky proposition, the reward opportunities associated with it also are quite exceptional. The better a person is at managing risks, the more rewards will they be able to reap. To manage risks, proper research and strategizing becomes imperative. DavidPaul Doyle Naturewise, who is the Founder and CEO of NatureWise, for instance, started the brand after carefully analyzing the competitive dietary supplement landscape. He strategically developed the brand, formulated all NatureWise products, and masterminded all sales and marketing initiatives. This approach of his resulted in seven Amazon #1 products in their categories between 2012 and 2018. NatureWise  even went on to win the best condition specific supplement line at the National Natural Products Expo and two Editor’s Choice Awards at Supply Side West in the Organic Beverage and Probiotics Categories.