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Ali Ata Offers a Few Tips to Make Smart Real Estate Investments

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The system of real estate investing does not come with a map. The road to riches, in fact, is often winding. However, there are things that investors can do to put themselves on the right path and progress towards successes. Listening to real estate professionals, successful investors and industry experts like Ali Ata is a great place to start.  No matter whether a person is new to real estate investing or going on their third income property, acquiring a bit of extra knowledge and guidance is always a smart choice. Industry experts can provide great nuggets of advice and interesting perspectives in regards to real estate investments.

The type of real estate investing a person plans to do would determine how many properties that should start with, anyone looking to flip properties, buying a single house to start with be smart. After doing so, they can gradually go through the entire process to learn the ropes. There are a number of moving parts linked with flipping a house. In this situation, one not just has to go through the purchase and selling process, but also must have a team that can rehab the home. Working on more than one property at a time may make the investor feel too overwhelmed. The situation, however, is a bit different from rental properties. It is better to have multiple rental properties, than just one. This is because if that single rental property is vacant, the investor would lose their entire rental income.  It however is advisable to have all the properties at a relatively close distance. No one would want to drive forever every time they need to visit the buildings.

Here are a few tips that can help people to make good real estate investment decisions:

  • Find rental properties in emerging neighborhoods: Rental properties are a great way to get started with real estate investments. Emerging properties that have good potential and provide tax incentives for buyers can particularly be ideal for investments. Buyers who purchase properties in emerging neighborhoods generally are able to maximize profits, as well as ensure that their income covers their costs.
  • Diversify the investments:  While it is important to understand the area where one is investing it, people must not limit their profitability potential by only considering a small geographic area. Opting to make real estate investments in multiple states and cities will allow the investors to maintain an expansive pool of available investments and ultimately enjoy better opportunities. Investing across a large geographical area also further diversifies the investments, while protecting the real estate portfolio against the volatility of local markets.

As per industry experts like Ali Ata, single family homes are the safest bet for attracting the correct tenant. The single-family home historically has over the last hundred plus years always appreciated, and hence can be a smart investment option for anyone.