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Advice from Scott Tominaga on What Investors May Learn by Looking at the Surfers?

Making an investment is like surfing! You may find it a bit odd to connect these two unrelated subjects together like this. In fact, if you look at both these activities very closely, you will start to believe that these are more or less the same in many aspects. There are a lot of common facts which can connect these two disciplines.

Considering this factor, investors can learn many things from successful surfers, at least the good things they to do to enjoy and sustain in surfing. In this article, we will listen to an expert’s voice who tries to compare the values of surfing which you may look closely at to see during and after making your investment.

Scott Tominaga is a professional investment consultant and fund manager who tries to compare the values of surfer which the investors can adopt for better performance.

  • Pre-surfing preparations

Becoming a successful surfer is all about understanding the basics of surfing and getting the best surfing equipment. So, surfers tend to do their homework to identify the best places for surfing and what to expect when they are in the water. With all this research and groundwork, they have only fewer surprises to expect when they are into the real action. Similarly, in investment also, one needs to do the preparations well before getting into the game.

  • Surfers wait for the ideal conditions

Surfers do check the weather conditions before they go on to the waters for surfing. If they find the weather not ideal, they simply stay home and leave the surfboard in the garage. So, the first lesson they have learned about surfing is to do It only when the weather favors. Investors should also take the same approach while looking at a potential investment. Check for the investment vehicle they choose the market conditions on investing etc., to take a call.

  • Surfers know when to take or leave a good-looking opportunity

While surfers are on the board, they have the knowledge and patience to look for the best waves. There are chances that someone else in the game catches the wave first; sometimes, they may also misjudge the quality of the wave, and by the time it reaches the surfer, it is too late to start. Sometimes, it may be a good wave to catch, but the surfer may not be prepared when it approaches. So, there are various factors to look at in order to decide whether to take a wave or let the opportunity pass. Similarly, investors also need to take a comparable position while looking at an investment. Sometimes, the opportunity may seem too irresistible to let go, but if the investor is not well prepared for it, one should simply let it go.

To conclude the comparison on surfers vs. investors by Scott Tominaga, you have to do all the groundwork ready before jumping into an investment. You need to watchfully wait to identify the right opportunity. More importantly, you need to let some opportunities pass if you are not prepared for the same and grab the right one at the right time judiciously.