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What are the 5 basic web design principles?

If you are doing web designing then there are some basic principles for the same which the users need to follow and in this blog, we are going to tell you about such principles only in other words we are going to tell you about the principles which are very much basic to the web design principles. 

It is very much easy to create a simple and good website nowadays but the look of the website is not everything you need to have the basic principles followed in your web design so that you do not need to worry about the same and a good web design agency will also follow all the basic principles of the same. 

Basic principles for web designing – 

  1. The first and the most important principle is that the users need to have a clear purpose when they create a website like they must be clear with the purpose for why they are creating a website and what all are they going to offer via this website and not only this but this is also a good principle which will attract more users to the site. 
  2. The second principle is the loading time of the site and it is very much obvious that nobody would want to use the site which takes forever to load and hence you need to have a site which has a fast loading speed for the users so that it is convenient for them to use it. 
  3. The third principle is of typography which is a very major factor for the success of the website and some users often over look this factor but you should not and you should focus on this as well.
  4. Communication is again a major factor as if the website is not able to communicate with the users using this site then the connect between the both will not be there and the users might not want to use the site with which they cannot connect. 
  5. Mobile friendly is another factor the users need to keep in mind as majority of people try to open and access the sites on their mobile devices and if your site is not a mobile friendly site then the users accessing mobile devices will not be able to use your site and this will decrease the visitors on the site and this is a principle of web design example.