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12 Web Development Trends That Are Happening Now

Web development is constantly changing, with new tools and frameworks emerging every day. It is important for seasoned developers to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in Web Development. There are many web development companies out there, and it can be hard to figure out which one is the best for your business. That’s why companies list has put together a list of the top web development companies in the industry based on real real client ratings and reviews.

Here are some of the most exciting trends you should know about.

1. HTML5

Web development is constantly changing and evolving, and one of the most recent changes has been the adoption of HTML5. This new standard provides a number of enhancements for developers, including improved multimedia support and new tags that make it easier to create rich web applications. If you’re not yet using HTML5 in your projects, now is the time to start!

2. Responsive Design

With more and more people accessing websites from mobile devices, responsive design has become increasingly important. A responsive website automatically adapts to the device it is being viewed on, making it look and function optimally no matter what size screen it is being displayed on. If you haven’t already implemented responsive design into your projects, now is the time to start!

3. Node.js

While JavaScript has been used for a long time, new tools have been added that make development easier and faster. One of the more popular tools is Node.js, which allows developers to create scalable applications using only Javascript code on both the server and client side. If you haven’t started playing around with Node yet, now is a great time to get started learning it!

4. CSS preprocessors

CSS preprocessors add many features above and beyond standard CSS while still being compatible with browsers, including variables, mixins, nested rules, mathematical operations and more. These powerful features can cut down development time significantly while reducing bugs. Use one or all of them in your next project!

5. SVG graphics

Scalable Vector Graphics are becoming an increasingly popular way to create vector images, which are great for printing projects because they can be easily resized without losing image quality. If you haven’t yet started using SVG in your projects, now is the time to get started!

6. Grunt or gulp

Using a task automation tool will streamline many of the manual tasks in your web development workflow. There are two popular tools to do this: Grunt and gulp. Use one or both of them to speed up your workflow! 

7. Modernizr 

This useful JavaScript library detects browser features that still need to catch up with HTML5 standards so you can develop accordingly. You can even use Modernizr to create your own custom builds! If you haven’t started using it yet, now is the time to start.

8. Service Workers

Service workers allow offline caching of data and files for better user experience when there’s no internet connection available. This technology is still in its experimental phase, but should provide great benefits once implemented correctly. Give it a try today! 

9. Browser support tools 

Gaining insight into how different browsers handle different elements on your site will allow you to adjust accordingly so that all visitors get an optimal experience – whether they are using IE6 or the latest Chrome release! The site Can I Use provides this information for free. Another similar resource is HTML5 Please .

 Experiment with these tools and see how they can improve your site!

10. ES6 language features 

ECMAScript 2015, also known as ES6 , provides some great enhancements to the JavaScript standard that you should definitely check out for future projects. This version of the JavaScript standard was finalized in June of 2015 so you have plenty of time to update your code before its widespread adoption.

11. Node Package Manager (NPM)

The Node Package Manager is a useful tool for managing dependencies on your project – including Javascript libraries! There are currently over 300,000 packages available that you might be able to incorporate into your next project, making NPM one of my favorite ways to speed up development time. Give it a try today! 

12. Web Fonts

Web fonts are becoming increasingly popular, allowing designers to use a wider range of font types without incurring the additional load time required for image-based fonts. These web font services also provide great typography features like size optimization and letter spacing adjustment. However, make sure you always use fallback fonts in case the desired text is not available to support older browsers!